the sign that does not lie on the nails

This is how our body warns us. The mark on the nails that warns us about high cholesterol

Very often our body manages to send us real ones messages useful to better understand, and in a direct way, some aspects of ours bodyin particular his state of health.

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Sometimes even just looking at our hands can tell us something, but it’s not magic at all. Our body, in fact, can warn us to high cholesterol making “appear” a mark on the nails that does not lie. This is what we are talking about.

Here is the mark on the nails that warns us about high cholesterol

Thanks to a mark on the nails we could understand if we have high cholesterol. This is nothing more than a fatty substance present in our body which, in excessive quantities, could cause particular problems to our body. In fact, it becomes quite dangerous when its values ​​exceed those defined as normal, ie between 100 and 129mg / dL. It is in this case that we speak of cholesterol LDLor the so-called “bad” cholesterol.

Too high cholesterol levels can increase risks of heart disease and stroke. Therefore, to check what cholesterol levels are in the blood, it is important to undergo continuous checks, such as blood tests. However, our body can warn us of the presence of high cholesterol even with a particular mark on the nails.

It is indeed possible to observe the changes in the surface of the nails in order to understand the state of health of our organism. If there are small purple or brown wrinkles, you should be careful, as these could be indicators of the presence of high cholesterol.

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According to the American Association of Dermatologists, these could often be streaks caused by possible injuries. However, if this was not the cause, then it would be necessary to see a doctor, as they could be indicators of heart disease, which have occlusions to the arteries. This phenomenon is called “hemorrhage from splinter”, Precisely because the line that appears on the nails has the shape of a splinter under the nail.

These are small blood spots that appear on the toenails and fingernails, as they are tiny damaged or burst blood vessels.

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