The sister, the betrayal with James Franco, the cocaine: the trial (of horrors) Johnny Depp against Amber Heard continues

The trial for defamation filed by Johnny Depp against Amber Heard (with $ 50 million claim) is almost come to an end but does not stop reserving twists. Hearing after hearing, Amber and Johnny in court (see gallery below) are feeding the world the gruesome backstory of nightmare wedding based on violence, blood and decay. And by doing so they turned a personal tragedy into a show to watch on Youtube or Tik Tok. According to estimates by News Whip, in America the Depp-Heard case would have smashed all the records between articles, searches on Google and social networks, with an attention that has always been reserved for sporting events of the caliber of the Super Bowl. No wonder: between shocking tales, twists, stories of violence, and illustrious protagonists, the trial that began in Virginia last April 12 is worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. So the most classic of film ingredients could not be missing: horns.

Just a few days ago, Depp’s lawyers presented a video in the courtroom that would show that Amber, at the time she was married to the Pirate of the Caribbeanhad an affair with his colleague James Franco. The film shows the actor resting his head on Heard’s shoulder before entering her attic. Amber defended herself by explaining that they were “just friends.” And she called Franco to testify. However, it seems that he did not accept. Instead, the actress’s sister, Whitney Henriquez, testified. And she said many things, all very heavy. For example, she used cocaine with Depp several times. And that once Amber, to defend her from her husband who had gone towards her threateningly, would have slapped him. To which he would react by grabbing her by her hair.

Also in the latest hearings a sensational one came out Amber’s lie. The actress had repeatedly told of having donated her to charity the seven million obtained from the divorce with Depp. In court he had to admit that it is not true. She didn’t, she says, because her ex-husband sued her for $ 50 million (for an editorial in the Washington Post in which she accused her, without ever quoting him directly, of domestic violence and abuse) in March 2019: “I intend to honor all my commitments. I wish Depp would stop suing me so I can do it“. Many spectators of the trial also noticed a bizarre thing during Heard’s deposition. The actress is seen bringing a handkerchief to her nose, opening it and closing one nostril with a finger. Then Amber would seem to suck something into the handkerchief with the other. What she was doing no one can know, but many thought it was drugs. Even if common sense suggests that it would be very strange to sniff in a courtroom.

Now Depp’s lawyers would like to bring the supermodel to the stand as well Kate Moss, Johnny’s ex-girlfriend from the 90s. Heard, in fact, claims that someone told her that in the past Depp would have pushed an ex-girlfriend, “I think it was Kate Moss, down the stairs”. As Depp and Moss have remained on excellent terms, the claim could become an own goal for Amber.

From the trial that began on April 12 so far, gruesome revelations have come out, including severed fingers, throwing bottles of vodka on the head, human feces left on the marital bed out of spite. This is just to summarize the deeds attributed to Amber, who on her part has repeatedly sworn to have suffered abuse, including sexual abuse, by the ex-husband. Finally he even said that he, during their honeymoon on the Orient Express, he was about to kill her: «He wrapped his hands around my neck against the wall of the carriage for a long time, I was afraid of dying. ‘ The trial is about to end, but it is by no means excluded that in the next hearings the protagonists will feed the world with further details of a nightmare marriage (and divorce). However it will turn out, the image of both actors will be devastated.

And, however it will turn out, on social networks Johnny Depp has already won. Most users have no doubts who is right in the hottest process of the moment. Memes featuring the star’s laughter, sarcastic expressions or shrewd responses to court interrogation have been viewed millions of times and shared by thousands of people. On TikTok in particular, videos with the hashtag in favor of Depp, #justiceforjohnnydepp, count 12 billion views. Those with the hashtag in favor of Heard “only” 50 million.

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