“The situation in Venezuela is getting more and more dramatic”

The bishops are concerned about the continued restriction of civil rights by a regime that wants to stay in power at all costs despite successive failures. The episcopate reminds that the dismantling of democratic institutions is progressing, the vast majority of citizens live in poverty, and six million Venezuelans have left the country. At the heart of the operation of the authorities is the will to transform man, created for freedom and responsibility, into the executor of the commands of idolatrous centers of power, we read in the document of the bishops.

Talking to the Vatican Radio, the new chairman of the Venezuelan Episcopate emphasized that the government’s reform measures were apparent and did not improve the situation of the majority of citizens. – The situation in Venezuela is becoming more and more dramatic. The problems of the pandemic have added to the previously existing social, economic and political problems. People suffer more and more, dissatisfaction and anxiety grow. Families are hit especially hard by this. In this context, the Church calls on everyone to renew our country, building it on the values ​​that have always been the foundation of our society. These are gospel values, solidarity, justice and freedom. The impossibility of a normal life forced millions of our countrymen to leave the country. This leads to serious family crises, as adults of working age usually leave, and only elderly people and children in a very difficult situation remain in the country, said Archbishop Jesús González de Zárate.

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