“The situation is clean” – Maciej Kawulski confirmed the offer to Michał Materla

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Maciej Kawulski, one of the heads of the KSW organization, confirmed that Michał Materla received an offer to fight in a round cage at the gala to be held in Szczecin.

Michał Materla, who left the KSW organization some time ago to fight under the EFM Show brand, may return to the round cage. For the beginning of next year, the KSW organization is preparing a gala in Szczecin, the hometown of Michał, who has already left the EFM Show.

Being Artur Mazur’s guest in the program Cage after the cage Maciej Kawulski, one of the heads of the KSW organization confirmed that Michał had received an offer to fight at this gala.

The situation is clear. I think Michał is at a point in his career where, first of all, we have already done everything we could do for ourselves, we have no obligations towards each other and I really care about pure rhetoric. (…) We made him an offer, assessing the questionable last few months of his existence and functioning in the MMA world, because it is primarily a not very successful project of an organization that did not achieve any success, and out of 10 things that had to be done, 10 were done wrong. On the other hand, also not very exciting fights performed by Michał.

Kawulski also added that he hopes that the fact that the gala takes place in Szczecin and that Michał could fight in front of his own audience will make Materla appear in the round cage again. He also added that the offer for Materla will not be available for the entire next month and he hopes that the matter will be resolved in the next few days.

Michał Materla is a former KSW champion. The last time he fought in a round cage was in 2020. Then he will face Roberto Soldic and was knocked out by him. Before that, Michał defeated Aleksandar Ilic.

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