The sixth victim of the Waukesha massacre died. He is an eight-year-old boy

An eight-year-old boy was hit by a car that hit a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA, from injuries on Tuesday local time, reports the BBC. Thus, he became the sixth death victim of the massacre.

The boy, Jackson Sparks, he was walking in a parade with his baseball team as the car ran into the crowd. The eight-year-old had brain surgery on Sunday and “needs a miracle” to survive – previously reported the condition of the injured party by the GoFundMe website, mediating in rebounds, incl. for accident victims.

Jackson’s older brother, 12-year-old Tucker, who followed him in the procession and was also hit is hospitalized with a skull fracture as one of 62 injured people. There are 18 injured in hospitals, including several people requiring intensive care.

To date, drivers of the Ford Escape SUV have been charged with five counts of willful manslaughter. The prosecutor’s office announces the extension of the indictment. On the driver a deposit of 5 million was imposed dollars motivated by judge Kevin Costello “The extraordinarily rich criminal record of (the perpetrator) Darrell Brooks.”

I have not seen anything like this in my very long career – told Costello to the BBC.

On Sunday afternoon, Brooks, breaking the police barriers, ran into the parade participants. The death toll to date is four women aged 52 to 79 and an 81-year-old man. Soon after the incident, the perpetrator was arrested by the police in his home near the site of the massacre. The services ruled out the terrorist motive of the killer.

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