The son of Angelina Jolie returned to the united states in time of quarantine


Сын Анджелины Джоли вернулся в США на время карантина

Angelina Jolie. Photo: Getty Images

The hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has told you, do you have plans your child Мэддокс to continue their studies in south korea, who were forced interrupted because of the pandemic coronavirus.

In an interview for the popular in south korea edition of DongA Daily hollywood actress has told, that now Мэддокс is located next to their brothers and sisters in the united states.

However, the star said that change of institution attended his adopted son has no plan, and once the pandemic is extinguished, the child will return to the institution.

I’m very happy that Мэддокс chose this university. Now the UNIVERSITY, of course, is closed because of the pandemic. But the son has no intention of changing the institution. He will return, once the situation is resolved. This time is used to raise the awareness of Korean and Russian languages”, — said Jolie.

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