The Son of the Graveyard, New Updates on Neil Gaiman’s Involvement

The son of the cemetery (The Graveyard Book), novel by Neil Gaiman published in 2008, will receive a live action adaptation from Disney, but apparently will not see the involvement of the famous author. Gaiman himself took care of providing new updates with a simple, but at the same time eloquent answer from a fan on Tumblr.

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Neil Gaiman will not be involved in the live action of the son of the cemetery

You know everything I know too. I have no control nor voice over the project. I cross my fingers and hope the project will be good if they can make it happen.

The film based on the novel has been in development since 2009 and over the years has remained in a real production limbo. At the moment, the cast nor the launch window has not yet been announced, but we know the name of the director: Marc Forsterwhich he has previously directed for Disney Back to the Hundred Acre Wood (2018 film with Ewan McGregor). His palmares also includes drama Monster’s Ball – The shadow of life, which earned actress Halle Berry an Oscar, the comedy As true as fiction with Will Ferrell, the Bond film Quantum of Solace And World War Z with Brad Pitt.

The son of the cemetery tells the story of Nobody “Bod” Owen, a boy raised by the ghosts and supernatural beings of a cemetery, including the caretaker Silas, after his family is murdered. In the novel, ghosts are described as benevolent beings. The novel was the #1 most read novel in America for ten weeks, as well as winning several international literary awards. Neil Gaiman was instead actively involved in the making of Good Omens, a show that arrived on Amazon Prime Video, and The Sandman, whose second season has already been confirmed.

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