The spectacular look of Shay Mitchell (‘Pretty Little Liars’) at the Oscars four months after giving birth

The ‘actress’Pretty Little Liars’ and ‘You’ Shay Mitchell she gave birth last November to her first child, Atlas, Noa, and since then has continued his experience by balancing be a new mother and lead your company, BĂ©is.

And it is that Mitchell has proven to be a entrepreneur, very versatile, and in addition to her career as an actress and be one of the youtubers most relevant of Hollywood, began over a year ago by a company of travel articles that has become a resounding success. Now, Shay has been able to show off your spectacular figure at the after party of the Oscar impress everyone with your look.

“Fix me last night was the equivalent of a NASCAR team changing a tire. Many thanks to the the best (and HUGE!) team which showed that I to leave the house without tracksuit… and for all new moms out there – it’s not about to go back, but to go ahead”.

His photos number in the millions of likes and reactions clapping his stunning look, and the best has definitely been the year of the actress Italia Ricci (‘Designated successor’), the wife of Robbie Amell, who she gave birth in October and whose recovery has been more complicated.

“doWho the hell you sold your soul? I still feel like I’m four months pregnant,” said Ricci.

This is not the first time that the two actresses compare and share details about their experience, they have had their first children with very little difference and even have come to speak of “putting it together” when they are older.

It has also highlighted the comments of your friend and companion of ‘Pretty Little Liars’, Troian Bellisario, who played Spencer.

“Impressive,” added the actress.

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The striking image of Shay Mitchell (‘Pretty Little Liars’), giving the chest to her daughter

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