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The pop star delivered an emotional speech on the occasion of the honorary doctorate in fine arts she received on Wednesday May 18 from New York University. Her words were also the opening speech of the university’s academic year, delivered at Yankee Stadium. “We will have bad times. We will recover, we will learn from those moments and we will come out more resilient ”, concluded the artist. In her speech she mentions in a veiled way what happened with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Taylor Swift received an honorary degree from New York University – an honorary doctorate in fine arts that the singer received on Wednesday, May 18. After being awarded this prestigious award, she gave a very emotional speech of thanks (which was also the official opening speech of the university’s academic year).

At Yankee Stadium, Swift opened with a joke: “I’m 90% sure the main reason I’m here is because I have a song called ’22’,” she joked referring to the fact that to open the 2022 academic year (’22 in fact) there was no better name than a pop star who wrote a song with that title.
Although the artist did not have the canonical education and university experience of four years of college (as is customary in America), she has a lot of experience as a career woman, so her speech – which lasted almost 20 minutes – was was a valuable life lesson offered to recent graduates.

What he talked about is his entry into the world of work, that post-graduate phase that coincides with the beginning of his career, without sweetening that process, far from it. “Life can be tough,” she said. “We will have bad times. We will recover, we will learn from those moments and we will come out more resilient ”.

At the top and bottom of this article you can watch the video with Taylor Swift’s speech delivered at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday 18 May on the occasion of the opening of the academic year by New York University.

The speech


Taylor Swift will receive an honorary degree from New York University

A greeting to the undergraduates during the New York University class commencement ceremony of 2022 that does not want to be all pink and flowers in the slightest.

“Difficult things will happen to us. We will recover. We will learn from these. We will become more resilient because of them. As long as we are lucky enough to breathe, we will inhale, we will breathe, we will breathe deeply, we will breathe out,” he added. “And now I’m a doctor, so I know how breathing works”, concluded the artist with another joke, referring to the pun doctor, which means (as in Italian) both doctor in the sense of graduate and doctor.

Honorary degree to Taylor Swift


Chile’s president-elect has his say on the Albarn vs Swift case

Taylor Swift was first announced in March as the speaker who would kick off NYU’s New Year’s Eve. The reaction from the fans was clearly one of skyrocketing enthusiasm. Some even attempted to buy tickets for the ceremony from graduating students, CNN reporter Leah Asmelash reports.

Prior to graduation, New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music also ran an entire course on Taylor Swift this year, taught by journalist and music critic from Rolling Stone Brittany Spanos. The course covered the period from Swift’s rise to the heyday of fame, following the artist in the various phases that have consecrated her as a sacred monster of the seven notes and as a public figure.
An artist who has been 11 times winner of the Grammy Awards and whose musical talent cannot be doubted, no matter what Damon Albarn says…

We refer to the fact that last January the singer of Blur and Gorillaz said in an interview with Los Angeles Times (signed by reporter Mikel Wood) that “She doesn’t write her own songs”, referring to Taylor Swift. And, after learning that the singer co-wrote all of her songs, she made matters worse by stating, “She doesn’t count. I know what it means to be co-authors. It is different from being an author. I don’t say this with contempt, I’m just saying that there is a big difference between a songwriter who writes alone and one who writes with others. It does not mean that the result can be equally good. I mean, Ella Fitzgerald didn’t write a song about her in her life. ”

The author of “Folklore”, for her part, didn’t take it very well: “Damon Albarn, I was a huge fan of yours until I read this. I write ALL my songs. Your claim is completely false and a LOT of harmful. You don’t have to like my songs, but trying to discredit my work is bullshit. WOW », the pop star wrote on Twitter. Then adding a gem, a second brilliant tweet: “PS In case you are wondering, I wrote this tweet by myself”.

This honorary degree is a nice moral slap in the face to Damon Albarn … To the delight of Taylor and the many so-called “swiftie”, that is the pop star fans who make up an army as vast as it is fierce, as Albarn was able to see on his skin after the criticism leveled at the pop star.

Besides being a nice slap in the face to Damon Albarn, it’s also a nice moral backlash to Kanye West …

The veiled reference to the fight with Kayne West and Kim Kardashian


Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony

There are those in Swift’s motivational speech to students who read between the lines a reference to the clash between the pop star and Kayne West (and then wife Kim Kardashian).

“Being canceled on the Internet and almost losing my career allowed me to have an excellent knowledge of all types of wine,” joked the star without ever mentioning names or more detailed references.

The quarrel with West that risked ruining Swift’s career


King Crimson sues for the sample used in Kanye West’s “Power”

In 2009 Kayne West took the stage at the Video Music Awards complaining that the award had gone to Taylor Swift, who in her opinion did not deserve it. The rapper argued that the accolade should go to Beyoncé.

In 2016 Kanye West then released a song in which he claims that Taylor Swift’s fame is due to his exploit at the Video Music Awards. Furthermore, to refer to his colleague, he uses very disrespectful language.

The young singer-songwriter was very upset but he and his then wife Kim Kardashian broadcast the audio of the phone call between them and Swift, the call with which the West spouses claimed to have informed the musician of the quote in the rapper’s song. Yet Taylor Swift has always claimed to be totally unaware of that quote, as in fact in 2020 the full recording of the phone call she would have revealed.

Below you can watch the video of Taylor Swift’s speech delivered at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday, May 18, on the occasion of the opening of the academic year by New York University.

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