the speech, the apologies for the “you”, the duel over women –

from Fabrizio Roncone

The many applause (and some embarrassment) in Montecitorio: the premier defined herself as an underdog. To Soumahoro he says: I was wrong not to call her her. And to Serracchiani: would I be one step behind men?

TOwe are up to Giorgia Meloni starting her speech.

But in the meantime: glances of liquid perfidy, buzz, that certain perception of an imminent event, the ministers all dressed up already at the government tables, Anna Maria Bernini – as usual – the most chic, the synapses of the reporters are sizzling, look at Antonio Tajani.

He has a gray, frowning look.

No, oh well: where is Giorgio Mul? There he is, Mul. And in fact Mul, the new vice-president of the Chamber, is on the other hand the handsome pacioso, in an excellent mood: the internal settling of accounts at Forza Italia, with possible repercussions within the newly born executive, which started in the greatest possible way (I only asked if Antonio , by chance, does not believe that he has accumulated a few too many positions: foreign minister, vice-premier, probable head of the delegation of FI and also national coordinator of the party.

It’s coming. In the meantime, for ten minutes, sitting on the tribune of the Montecitorio hemicycle reserved for guests, attached to that of the press, there is already his companion, Andrea Giambruno, Mediaset journalist and father of Geneva, 6 years old (later Giambruno said he was very excited; denying, however, to some journalists who were pressing him, of having left-handed ideas: after all, then tonight at home, alone with Giorgia, he remains). Finally, here she is: you have already seen her in the images of the tigers and in some talks. She is wearing a blue suit and a white silk shirt: the famous cut, also known as Biondo / Meloni, is fresh, which – as she herself communicated – dozens of women now demand from hairdressers (of course: a moment, and you become a regime press. Only this very pure chronicle).

The gist of his speech can be found on another page. was interrupted 70 times (some diligent lackeys, with whisk tongues, swear that the applause was much more: some now do and say everything to jump on the Fratelli d’Italia bandwagon). Stronger sensations: speech with a lot of politics inside (definitive that Never felt sympathy for the regimes, including fascism), and massive doses of profession; then an hour and a quarter, between studied pauses and coughs, with a high rate of empathy. Water glass gags have been around the web in real time. After yet another standing ovation, sipping and using the Roman dialect of Garbatella, slang Cesaroni, he whispered to Matteo Salvini: Cos finimo aeee tre (but then he flaunted a quote in English: I underdog, overturn the predictions).

A few facets of his, which you never understand if he is about to disagree or agree; blows of forced complicity (a couple of times she spoke in her ear); but nobody fell for it: the Captain, who had fallen below 9%, had already carried on with the work; dictating, a few hours earlier, his personal and thorny agenda: flat tax, bridge over the Strait, Fornero reform.

After a while, we started looking at the benches of the so-called oppositions. Dramatic show. They also applauded the passage on President Mattarella. Applause, less enthusiastic, on Draghi. Then, when the Prime Minister recalled the recent flood in the Marche, a moment of embarrassment: the governor of the Marche Francesco Acquaroli of FdI. Damn: what now? Do you applaud or not?

Same panic, especially among the seats of the Democratic Party, when Meloni thanked the women and men of the armed forces: Like a frightened schoolchild – describes the scene Roberto Giachetti, one of the most authoritative Renzians – In the end only Guerini started clapping his hands. Comrade Nicola Fratoianni, head of the Italian Left, who managed to get his wife, comrade Elisabetta Piccolotti to be elected here in the Chamber, only applauded the passage on the fight against the mafia. Laura Boldrini, livid. Her hands nervously gripped her cell phone. She raised her head when she heard Meloni mention some women: Tina, Nilde, Rita, Oriana, Ilaria, Maria Grazia….

Will Tina be Anselmi? And Nilde: no, come on, are you really quoting Nilde Jotti? Another blow of confusion: are we applauding or not? The 5 Stars, to say, applaud. Never seen an opposition so indecisive, torn, distant.

Meanwhile, the premier concluded his speech between cheers and Salvini who embraced him (yes, my goodness: he just hugged her. Isn’t that wonderful?). Then, in the replies, Meloni replies to the deputy Aboubakar Soumahoro, an Ivorian trade unionist elected in the Green and Left alliance, calling him you. Protests, some whistles. She immediately corrects herself, without hindrance she apologizes. And she continues towards an amazing scene.

Hear it here. Debora Serracchiani, confirmed (among many doubts) leader of the dem group, had stood up all pointed: We fear that the Meloni government wants women to step back and…. Meloni: Look at me, Mr Serracchiani: do you think I am one step behind men?

Among the dem benches, a few frozen glances bowed.

Game, match, match.

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