The Sports Patriot is from Assisi: a story of overcoming and success

Today we will meet the Sullivan Oliveira, Assisense, renowned plastic artist, founder of the Guardians of Idols Project, official painter of the Olympic arches of the Rio 2016 Olympics, among other projects. Let’s meet?

Sullivan Oliveira

He was born in Assis, 46 years old, lost his mother when he was one year old, and was raised by his uncles Araci and Seo Alfredo in São Paulo; this was his great inspiration for sports, especially football.

The gift, art and passion for football comes from childhood. He says that since he was little he liked to paint his stars (button soccer field) and that feeling only strengthened over the years.

Despite all the “falls” that life gave him, he always followed his path with a pure heart and the desire to get it right.

“I had every opportunity to do wrong, but I chose to learn from great people”, vents Sullivan.

At the age of 23 he moved to Campo Grande/MS where he made his home, but with his heart rooted in our city.

“I am very proud to be a son of Assisi”says the artist.

Great realizations

Better known in the sports world as “sports patriot“, is an assumed dreamer. On February 22, 2010, with four more friends, they built 6 wooden boxes that they would use to put pasta and thus collect marks of Santos Futebol Clube athletes who were in Campo Grande/MS at the time. The next day, he had the opportunity to meet with Neymar Jr. where he promptly accepted the invitation after Sullivan expressed his desire to not let the great names of the sport fall into oblivion. then was born the Idol Guardians Project.

Sullivan and Neymar Jr./Image: Personal archive

the collection

There are already more than 500 brands, between footprints and hands of several athletes, among them are Zico, Neymar, Romário, Anderson Silva, and many others. What nobility in this purpose!

Ronaldinho Gaúcho and Sullivan/Image: Personal archive
Sulivan and Anderson Silva/Image: Personal archive
Sullivan and Otavio Mesquita/Image: Personal archive
Magic Paula and Sullivan/Image: Personal archive

One of the artist’s great achievements was to have participated in the construction of the Olympic Arches, exhibited at the Manaus Arena, where football events were held, at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Sullivan and two more friends at the Olympic arch/Image: Personal archive

Another great achievement in his career is the work done at the invitation of Santos Futebol Clube, where Sullivan materialized through a sculpture the last act in the history of King Pelé on the field, his last game for Santos in 1977. Production made especially for the show “The Sacred Cloak”, at the “Milton Teixeira” Achievements Memorial.

Image: Memorial of Achievements

“There is no such thing as impossible, when we seek our human achievements using love! Everything happens as long as you do it with love and dedication”, comments Sullivan.


Currently Sullivan works with graffiti in companies and created a brand of shirts “La Pelotas King” that has the support of more than 30 renowned athletes. The artist has a great desire to help needy people through art, culture and sport.

“My biggest life project is to help needy institutions. Today, what moves me is to give back, through art in social projects, what I received on my journey”, says with a feeling of gratitude.

Sullivan, besides being a dreamer, has a noble heart and the certainty that we only live through the search for making dreams come true; as long as we can have something to dream about, we are feeling alive, otherwise, we die in life.

“My life is a very happy and well-lived story; I’m not rich, but what I have, no money in the world can give me”, finishes Sullivan.

Congratulations on the purpose of life and especially on the success!

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