The “spy” in the service of the queen that Charles III would like to confirm-

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A week ago, Lord Parker, Lord Chamberlain of Elizabeth II symbolically terminated his royal service. Carlo could confirm this. The risk of key posts with the new king

He is the engine of the Royal House, who – exactly a week ago today – invited international guests and family friends to the Queen’s funeral. He who manages the operating machine of the Windsors, the Royal Household, of which yesterday the sovereign and now the new King Charles III president, managing director. He is the Lord Chamberlain, the operational CEO: Lord Parker.

And on Monday 19 September shortly before the last burial of Elizabeth II, the last earthly acts were that of King Charles who placed the queen’s regiment flag on the coffin. And that of the Lord Chamberlain, Lord Parker, who symbolically broke the staff of command, on behalf of the queen. Staff that was buried with the sovereign.

And now that Lord Parker’s mandate is over, with the end of the queen, one wonders if Charles III will always ask him to continue managing the complex machinery of the monarchy. Because the Grand Chamberlain of the palace who oversees everything that revolves around the sovereign. Who, of course, must give his consent, in short, he is number one. But it moves on the basis of the influential opinion of the CEO who governs about seven hundred employees.

Aware of the challenge, driving this complex machine, in 2021 Elizabeth II had in fact called the former head of MI5, or the internal secret services of the kingdom. Lord Parker, who succeeded Lord Peel (descendant of Sir Robert Peel, the prime minister), was thus the first CEO of the Royal Household in London, an expression not of the ancient aristocracy, from the counts to the dukes, but of the secret services. A man used to dealing with terrorism and attacks, to watch over the Crown, to ferry it into the future.

Probably Carlo wants to continue to make use of Lord Parker’s 360-degree experience. Even if, for example, he has already made it clear that he wants to change as regards the private secretariat: Sir Edward Young, the Queen’s private secretary, will only temporarily work alongside Sir Clive Alderton, who has long been trusted secretary of Charles who evidently will continue to play his role alongside Charles III. . Meanwhile, advances continue to emerge from the book Courtiers (by Valentine Low), not only about Harry and Meghan but also about Carlo who, according to the author, would have a difficult character so much that he had five secretaries in 7 years. he made people work like crazy. Full of ideas, always asking people to go and do. It is an immense burden to be a private secretary, writes Low, referring to sources inside the building.

One thing for sure, Prince Philip, Charles’s father, who passed away in 2021 was just as meticulous and demanding. Each meeting with the Duke of Edinburgh ended with a barrage of questions and clarifications. Never that he was one hundred percent satisfied. It is also a sign of the passion and depth he put into his initiatives.

On the subject of secret services, there is a curious precedent, much more intriguing: that of Sir Anthony Blunt. Also because in that case it was not a spy in the service of her Majesty, but a Soviet one. Sir Anthony’s double game surfaced when Elizabeth had just given birth to Edward, but it remained secret for years for national security reasons. Indeed, the spy continued undisturbed to work as superintendent of the queen’s gallery, the Queen’s Picture Gallery. And his Majesty’s services granted him immunity in exchange for valuable revelations about Moscow.

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