The state of emergency in the Czech Republic. The government introduces new restrictions

The government of the Czech Republic, Andrej Babisz, ending his term of office, has declared a state of emergency, which is to apply from midnight for 30 days. The decision was made at an extraordinary meeting of the government due to the worsening epidemic situation in the country.

Details of the coronavirus restrictions were presented at the press conference by Prime Minister Andrej Babisz and Minister of Health Adam Vojtiech. Originally, the state of emergency was to apply from Saturday midnight to Sunday. Babish found, however, that the current, worsening epidemic situation justifies accelerating its introduction. The decision was submitted to the Chamber of Deputies, which may cancel the government’s decision.

Milosz Zeman left the hospital at his own request

  • Restaurants, bars and clubs will be closed from from 22 to 5;
  • Sports and cultural events may be organized with a limit of 1,000 people who must be vaccinated or are convalescents;
  • Other events, e.g. family celebrations, community organizations and balls with a limit of up to 100 people;
  • Christmas markets were also canceled;
  • However, traditional sale of Christmas trees and carps will be allowed;
  • Funerals can be organized without restrictions;
  • It will also be forbidden, inter alia, selling alcohol in public space.

The new restrictions will take effect from 18 on Friday.

Doctors, nurses and other medical personnel from other hospitals, clinics and outpatient clinics will be able to work in covid wards. There was no obligation to work in hospitals for students of medical schools.

The Czech health minister admitted that he hopes that the introduced restrictions will avoid a complete lockdown.

Lockdown in Slovakia for everyone. There is a government decision

The state of emergency in the Czech Republic was already in force in spring 2020 for 67 days and from October 5, 2020 to April 11, 2021 for 189 days. At that time, the government limited travel and leaving home, shops and schools were also closed.

18,004 new cases of coronavirus infection and 33 deaths were confirmed in the Czech Republic on Thursday. Yesterday, almost 26,000 new cases were recorded there. This is the highest daily record since the start of the epidemic in this country. A total of 2,062,064 people have contracted the coronavirus in the Czech Republic so far. 32,523 patients with Covid-19 died.

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