The Statue for the Avengers and Other Easter Eggs in Spider-Man: Far from Home


The Marvel Cinematic Universe films are so full of details, references, winks, and Easter Egg that it is not always easy to identify them all. And Spider-Man: Far from Home is no exception. So let’s review some details that might have escaped even the most attentive fan.

A statue for the Avengers

In the picture, you see at the bottom of the article you can see a statue behind the Arrampicamuri, right in the heart of New York. It is a memorial dedicated to the Avengers, who in the battle of New York saved the world from a band of invaders captained by Loki. If it is difficult to understand even from a frame, one can imagine how during the film the thing could have gone unnoticed.

Uncle Ben is present (somehow)

As we know, the figure of Uncle Ben, so important to Peter Parker in the comic strip, does not appear in the MCU. Making a (nice) bit of attention, however, you can see the initials BFP on Peter’s suitcase. It could be a simple coincidence, or indicate that the suitcase belonged to Benjamin Franklin Parker, or, precisely, Uncle Ben.

An important day for Spider-Man

When Peter Parker’s passport is framed fleetingly – which for the Daily Bugle is guilty of the destruction of Coney Island, many may have missed the date of birth, “August 10th”. It is not an ordinary day: the first episode of Spider-Man was in fact published on 10 August 1962.

The presence of Mysterio … incognito

Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) make their first meeting towards the end of the first act. Much earlier, however, when the boys are in Venice and MJ (Zendaya) takes a picture with Brad Davis (Remy Hii), there is a character in the background with a flamboyant Hawaiian blue shirt: it could be Quentin Beck, who was then already investigating Peter for some time.

The “historical” kiss of Peter and MJ

In the scene where the two boys exchange their first kiss, in the background, there’s a TASM-143 car. It is an extremely thin detail, but it is a beautiful homage to the comic: in fact, on the printed paper, the first kiss takes place in The Amazing Spider-Man No. 143.

Many other details such as these cannot be noticed except by reviewing the film over and over again. On the other hand, if Spider-Man is back in the MCU much of the credit is from the fans.

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