The Steam contains more than 22 million active gamers on the platform


This is a new record for the platform, after which, during the quarantine, to prevent Coronavirus

The Steam he recorded a new lap record on the platform, reaching 22.678.529 of the active accounts on the platform over the past 24 hours. The platform has disclosed that the number of users and it came to pass at about 15 hours GMT, it is mid-day in Brazil. This is one of those times, with the largest participation in the world of active players. In the U.S., the time is in the middle of the morning, in the Uk, it’s in the afternoon. For chinese players, this is the time where you will be recording the peak of the night games.


For the record, is due primarily to the outbreak of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) it is a demand that the people in the house. Without being able to go back to the streets or to work with an alternative that is used by a lot of people to pass the time they are in the game. This figure also shows the seriousness of the problem that is being faced by all the countries.

According to the information made available via Steam in the last week there has been a the increase of $ 2.6 million users assets. This shows you all the users who have been on deck during the whole of last Sunday (the 22nd). It is possible to see that the number of repeats in the last 24 hours, as well as in the last-eight hours.

About 33% of registered users were actually playing at the same time. The rest were stranded, and may be researching in the library for a new game, or just deciding on which one would be the game that it was going to start. In just one week an increase of active users has reached about 15%. In the past week, have been recorded 19,72 billion active accounts.

In the game, with the most prominent among all the players on the Steam are the free ones. The securities that have recorded the highest number of preference were: Hold Strike: Go and Dota 2respectively. Even though these two games are the most played, there are still outstanding for the The Call of Duty video Game, it is also available free of charge to all users of, and had a record of the public’s assets.

In the face of the increasing number of the cases in Brazil of the Coronavirus, that seems to bring about more awareness to the people. There is a lot of content that can be accessed online, which can help you in this period of isolation, and the games are one of them. The important thing is to expose yourself to the least possible, into situations of risk, and you will only get out of the house, and if you really need it.

Via: PC Gamer, TweakTown



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