The Steam Deck will last up to 5 hours on the battery

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January 11, 2022, 10:51

We found out that development copies of Steam Deck can last from 2 to 5 hours, depending on the game.


  1. The Steam Deck is designed to last from 2 to 5 hours, depending on the game,
  2. the device never gets too hot and is relatively quiet,
  3. Steam Deck is to be more convenient to use than Switch.

The Steam Deck is a portable device so the key question is how long it will run without recharging. According to the latest reports, the battery will provide 2 to 5 hours of gameplay depending how heavily the game is on the APU in that hardware.

The information was sourced from Boiling Steam, which obtained it from someone with access to the development copy of Steam Deck. It should be taken into account that the consumer version may differ in this respect, but rather not to a large extent.

Steam Deck vs Switch ?? comparison of the operating time on the battery

The Steam Deck seems to offer a good battery life, but is a long way from Nintendo Switch’s performance.


Estimated operating time on the battery:

Steam Deck

2-5 hours

Nintendo Switch OLED

4.5-9 hours

Nintendo Switch Lite

3-7 hours

Nintendo Switch with a serial number that begins with XK

4.5-9 hours

Nintendo Switch with a serial number that begins with XA

2.5-6 hours

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The article contains some other interesting information. The games installed on the microSD card should be loaded very well. The developer did not measure the loads exactly, but they are to be similar to the situation when the production is installed on the device’s SSD disk.

Steam Deck also has a good cooling system ?? the melter never gets too hot. The volume of the fan is similar to that of the Switch. The developer also claims that Valve’s gadget is more ergonomic than the Nintendo console. Especially in longer sessions, the control should be more pleasant and the weight distribution of the device should be better.

Let us recall that the shipment of the first Steam Deck copies to consumers is to start in February this year. Initially, the premiere was planned in 2021, but it was delayed. It was a good decision, according to a developer talking to Boiling Steam. Even if there were no problems with the availability of parts, the machine system would hardly be ready in time.

Unfortunately, all the copies prepared for February have already been reserved. If you book today, you’ll have to wait until the second half of 2022 for delivery.

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