The Story-Driven Adventure AWAY: The Survival Series Is Coming to PlayStation 5

Studio Breaking Walls announced that the plot of the adventure of life Sugar flying squirrels AWAY: The Survival Series at the end of the summer will be released on PlayStation 5. This is in addition to other previously announced platforms: PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. On all devices, the game will appear at the same time.

The PlayStation 5 version will offer the ultimate immersion, also thanks to the highest graphics settings. A special Documentary Experience preset has been prepared for the new console, in which you can see every detail of the living world.

The photo mode, which allows you to stop the squirrel anywhere, while the rest of the world continues to live its own life, will make sure that the display of wildlife is documented. An abundance of settings, including depth of field, and filters will help you make a great photo.

Finally, the developers have prepared a gift for everyone who subscribes to the newsletter. This gives you exclusive recordings of nature sounds from AWAY’s forests and beaches.

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