The story of one photo: the Kardashians in 1995

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After twenty seasons, the E! Entertainment aired the last episode of “With a Camera at the Kardashians”. Prior to the 2006 reality show, Kris and her daughters were ordinary California rich ladies. Within a dozen or so years, they became image gurus – personal brands that no longer need television to build a business empire.

It’s not over yet. Not long after it was announced that E! Entertainment will end its “With the Camera at the Kardashians,” Kris and her daughters announced that they have signed a contract with Hulu. Several new programs with the participation of the most famous family in the world are to appear on the platform. So Kardashianki do not break with TV for good. They don’t have to – their show was still watched by millions last season. They could, because hundreds of millions of people earn on businesses that arose from the program – clothing, cosmetics and lifestyle brands, and above all profiles in social media, where each person charges up to $ 100,000 per post.

America’s most powerful family today, who showed others to the ordinary that by letting a camera into a house, they could become famous for being famous, signed a contract in the mid-2000s to save Kim’s image. The average of the Kardashian sisters became famous with a sixth tape, the publication of which she did not consent to. It was filmed by the boyfriend of the time, Ray J. Supposedly, the girl’s mother, Kris Jenner, known as Momager, was behind the leak. If the rumors are to be believed, Kris herself created a demand for her daughter – first by publicly ridiculing her and then recording a program to rehabilitate her. And by the way, bring the other children to the top – the oldest and most sensible Kourtney, today the mother of three, the “ugliest” Khloé, who was to face complexes in front of the cameras, Rob, the brother of the Outsider, and the younger ones – daughters from a relationship with Olympian Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner), Kendall, supermodel today, and Kylie, the world’s youngest billionaire according to Forbes.

Before the first episode, the family appeared on the walls mainly because of Bruce’s sporting fame. Kris was associated from a previous marriage with Robert Kardashian, OJ Simpson’s attorney. The children were friends with more popular ones – Kim later worked as Paris Hilton’s assistant. On the red carpet, dressed in all shades of gray, they didn’t look like the Carringtons of the Dynasty. Oh, a middle-class family like many. In 2021, few people see flesh and blood in the Kardashians – they are rather advertising pillars, promoting themselves to a large extent. For 20 seasons of “With the Camera at the Kardashians”, the sisters made a fortune, convincing female fans that they want to look, live and love like them. After all, it started with a six-tape scandal. Then there were more weddings and divorces, divorces and weddings. In the final episode, the sisters faced the men of their lives again. Kourtney, freshly in love with family friend Travis Barker, complained in front of the cameras that she felt the pressure to return to her children’s father, Scott Disick. Khloé once again explained why she was still seeing the treacherous Tristan Thompson. Kim confessed her divorce from Kanye West. – By the time I turned 40, I realized that I didn’t want a husband who would feel better without me than with me. I want happiness, but I’m not entirely happy – she said, finally confirming the reports of the breakup with the rapper, who is dating the supermodel Irina Shayk. The relationship of the youngest Kylie with rapper Travis Scott, the father of three-year-old Stormi, is also unstable.

Only Kendall remains aloof from the drama – he has been dating basketball player Gavin Booker for a year, but is primarily a modeling career. As the only one, apart from reality shows, social media and businesses, she has a “normal” job. The least willing to sell privacy, her family treats her a bit like an outsider.

There were a lot of tears in the last episode. It wasn’t a happy ending like Hollywood. The simple conclusion from this is that show must go on. In the next shows, Kardashianki will look for happiness again. And they will make good money on it. Who forbids the rich.

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