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Before the great fashion of ASMR, there were already relaxation videos with sounds of elements of nature, such as falling rain, blowing wind or even crackling fire. These white noises, as they are called, are supposed to have a relaxing effect and theoretically allow listeners to de-stress.

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And, proof that our society is in bad shape and completely sick, these videos have never been as popular as they are today. And this in particular because they have been adapted to the podcast format and therefore made available on the various streaming platforms, starting with the one that is by far number one on the market, Spotify.

However, the Swedish company led by Daniel Ek is seriously considering removing all this type of content from the catalog of its application. But what fly could have bitten them to want to delete content that is a hit and is consumed around the world? Well it’s very simple. According to several studies by the streaming platform, listeners of this kind of content simply do not need premium access to Spotify and therefore do not subscribe to a subscription, even if it means having to listen to an advertisement every half -hours.

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Several podcasts already deleted

In addition, as this content is mainly listened to in the evening to fall asleep – we are talking here about 3 million hours of daily consumption on the music platform – they benefit from an incredibly long listening average, which coupled with advertisements, makes a lot of money for the creators of these podcasts. And these are paid for by… Spotify.

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Which is therefore much less to gain for the streaming platform. According to an internal study, relayed by the American media Bloomberg, Spotify is therefore considering simply deleting these white noise podcasts, which would represent a shortfall of nearly $ 38 million currently. Thus, while Spotify claimed to be at the stage where they were only considering this solution, several users who upload this content have seen some of it deleted without the slightest warning… RIP the White Noises.

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