The strange case of Drew Barrymore turned Jennifer Lopez

One in a thousand makes it. To look like Jennifer Lopez. Indeed to twin with the most adored pop star by all of us who would like everything about her, come on hair bouncy with waves, to warm and luminous streaks, from a glowing complexion to a top physique including a gravity-proof B-side up to, why not, even Ben Affleck.

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One in a thousand makes it to Jennifer Lopez and the lucky one is not a mere mortal but another star, Drew Barrymore. We underline it, the news is not brand new. But it was republished on Instagram by Chris Appleton, famous Hollywood hair guru of both celebs. And he can’t not talk about it since the former child prodigy after a extreme makeover she practically turned into the most famous Latin American singer on the planet. And it is immediately, “the one who took the young lady, thank you”.

Always one hair icon with fantastic hair (we remember her blond bobs with bangs in the 90s), the Hollywood actress and host channeled her inner JLoproving to be one of us by changing hairstyle and makeup in pure style Jenny from The Block.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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