The strangeness: Toni Servillo, Ficarra and Picone in the trailer of Roberto Andò’s film

Sicily in the 1920s at the center of the trailer for Roberto Andò’s new film, La stranezza, with Toni Servillo, Ficarra and Picone.

Unveiled the trailer de The Strangeand, new film by Roberto went starring Toni Servillo, Ficarra and Picone premiered at the Rome Film Fest and from 27 October at the cinema with Medusa Film.

The strangeness, in fact, is set in 1920, the year in which Luigi Pirandello, during a trip to Sicily, meets Onofrio Principato and Sebastiano Vella, two actors who are rehearsing a new show with the actors of their amateur dramatics. The meeting between the brilliant author of “Six characters in search of an author” and the two amateurs will bring great surprises.

Upon arrival in Girgenti, a painful news, the death of his beloved nurse Maria Stella, leads him to meet two gravediggers, Nofrio and Bastiano, two singular beings who also practice theater for pleasure. A trivial misunderstanding prevents and delays the nurse’s funeral and forces the writer to go with the two gravediggers into the hellish circles of corruption of the cemetery workers and then to wait for the accident to be resolved in his house in the valley of Chaos. Obsessed with a strange and still undefined idea, the creation of a new comedy, Pirandello spends restless and feverish hours there during which ghostly visions, memories, melancholy apparitions follow one another. Returning to Girgenti after his meeting with Giovanni Verga, increasingly intrigued by the singular charm of the two gravediggers, Pirandello spies on their evidence and witnesses the premiere of their new farce: The trench of remorse, or Cicciareddu and Pietruzzu. In the little theater where the whole town has gathered, during the hilarious performance at a certain point an unexpected event occurs that forces Nofrio and Bastiano to interrupt the performance. Suddenly, in the room, the atmosphere turns from the comic to the tragic, and turns into a total showdown in which the audience and the actors confront each other. Pirandello spies every little word, every little gesture of that grieving community and seems both amused and upset. Rome, 1921. The audience of great occasions gathered at the Teatro Valle for the first of Luigi Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author. In the audience, there are also Nofrio and Bastiano, guests of the author. The play begins and the two watch, surprised and enraptured, as well as the other spectators, at the succession of paradoxical situations proposed by the playwright in his comedy, up to an unpredictable ending.

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A Bibi Film and Tramp Limited production with Medusa Film and Rai Cinema, in collaboration with Prime Video. Directed by Roberto Andò, who wrote the screenplay together with Massimo Gaudioso and Ugo Chiti.

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