The “strawberry make-up” or when Hailey brings out the map of the fresh and tanned complexion

Latte Make-up, Espresso Make-up, etc. It seems that food is increasingly influencing makeup trends. And it’s the turn of the “strawberry make-up” to have its hour of glory. At the origin of this look, the American model Hailey Bieber who filmed a tutorial on her Tik Tok, subtitled “everyday strawberry make-up”. In less than two minutes, she achieves a look… inspired by the freshness of strawberries.

This beauty enhancement, easily achievable, consists of applying a very pronounced blush, accompanied by a few freckles, well-worked eyebrows, sunbathe (dark bronzer that creates the illusion of tanned skin) with glossy lips. Slightly in between the “sunkissed” effect and the natural look of the “tomato girl”, this make-up look is very simple to do, and requires few tools. The tiktokteurs appropriate it by sometimes adding a slightly glam touch with red gloss on the lips.

The “Strawberry make-up” tutorial by Hailey Bieber

In her video, the model starts by applying a good amount of moisturizer in order to have glowing skin. She brushes her eyebrows and warms up her complexion on the forehead and cheekbones with a creamy bronzer. Then to color the cheeks, Hailey Bieber applies two cream blushes on her cheekbones. On the top of the cheekbone, she superimposes an illuminator in peach tones. To enlarge her look, the young woman uses bronzer in the crease of the eyelid, and adds a thin comma of eyeliner. A few fake freckles to get that “sunkissed” effect and you’re done.

Hailey’s (fake) freckles hit the mark as a crowd of internet users rushed to recreate them. Result, three billion views on the counter for the model, in just a few days on TikTok.

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