The student raped in Palermo, the shocking story: stalked and thrown to the ground

He tried in every way to defend himself, despite being abused and beaten, she maintained her clarity to provide useful elements to the investigators. And so the agents of the Palermo mobile team within a few days managed to arrest a 22-year-old young man, with a drug background, accused of raping a German student, in the Sicilian capital to take part in the Erasmus project.

The alleged perpetrator of the rape tried in every possible way to escape arrest. He knew he was being hunted and had been wandering around the city for a few days.
The attack took place on the night of July 29 in the center of Palermo, in via Polara, not far from the Palace of Justice. The young man allegedly blocked the student with an excuse before throwing her to the ground and raping her. Now he has to answer for sexual assault and personal injury. The judge for the preliminary investigations has in fact accepted the request for a precautionary order in prison made by the prosecutor, on the basis of the elements collected by the investigators.

The investigation began immediately after the attack, when a phone call alerted the police that there was a girl on the street screaming and asking for help. In addition to the student’s story, other fundamental elements that made it possible to identify the young man were provided by the images of the security cameras and by the investigators’ knowledge of the area.

The offender is in fact a familiar face to the police; furthermore, he should not have been in the city, since a residence ban has been imposed on him. That night he would have stalked the student who from the area of ​​Via Maqueda, after spending an evening with friends, he was on his way home. After approaching her she pushed her, causing her to fall to the ground, then he would immobilize her and finally rape her.

The background in Sicily

It is the third case of sexual violence within a few weeks in Sicily. In Trapani a 27-year-old Finnish tourist, on holiday in Sicily with two friends, she reported being abused by four people from Agrigento she met in a restaurant who are currently under investigation. A story similar to that which happened to another 25-year-old tourist who was in Filicudi, in the Aeolian Islands. The girl, who was in a pub with her sisters. during the evening she would chat with a young man from Gambia. The two would have gone out of the room where the tourist would have been forced to have sexual intercourse. The alleged perpetrator of the rape was identified and arrested.

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