The style of Gemini (the stars say it, and the stars say it)

How does the Gemini sign, and in particular, the stars of this sign? The taste in fashion is one of the most curious personal attitudes in a person’s identity, starting – obviously – from celebrities. Tendencies, the fashion ones, which are often linked to “influences” as distant as they are fascinating, coming… from the planets. Those who are passionate about astrology know it: often the zodiac signs say a lot not only about the character – in a tendential way – of the reference person, but also about his approach to style. Between 21 and 22 May, depending on the so-called ephemeris, the Sun officially enters the sign of Gemini, third sign of the zodiac. Ruled by the element of Air and the planet of communication and speed, Mercury.

Not surprisingly, people born under this sign love to express themselves through fashion and its continuous and sudden evolutions, often incorporating multiple contrasting styles with great originality. Among these the supermodel Naomi Campbellchameleon as much on the catwalk as in life, but also the actress Helena Bonham Carter, which has made mix & match its signature in terms of look. How not to mention the iconic Marilyn Monroelegendary as much with jeans and a shirt as with her sensual dresses and bustier tops?

Marilyn Monroe, 1960. Getty Images

Sunset Boulevard

The most representative colors
Among the colors that most represent the sign of Gemini, we certainly find contrasting colors: lime yellow, sky blue, but also more “airy” shades, such as the various shades of gray.

Naomi Campbell at the opening of the exhibition Figures of Speech by Virgil Abloh in Doha, 2021. Getty Images

Craig Barritt

The reference brands
Gemini people love to be able to embody multiple styles at the same time, never to feel enclosed in a single label. For this reason, brands like Sonia Rykiel – fashion designer of the Gemelli – but also Gucci, with its numerous references, are among the most appropriate choices for clothing.

Angelina Jolie in Gucci at the premiere of Unbroken in Sydney, 2014. Getty Images

Brendon Thorne

The must-have item of clothing
A representative garment of Gemini and its lighter side is any transparent chiffon top: versatile, depending on the cut and color, it infuses a never banal touch to every look. Especially if it has wide sleeves or straps.

The symbolic shoe
The shoe that best embodies the Gemelli is the low slingback, with a minimalist and subtle design: a perfect passe-partout for particularly relaxed looks, but also for a more demanding and elegant evening.

Here are the stars of Gemini and the most representative looks of their sign.

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