The styling of Megan Fox’s son caused extreme emotions among Internet users

Recently, foreign media have paid a lot of attention to Megan Fox and her liberal approach to raising children. The star has three children. The actress’s sons wear long hair and girlish clothes. New photos of Noah appeared on the web, which caused a lot of controversy among Internet users.

Megan Fox’s son styling

Megan Fox’s seven-year-old son is headed to the party. He appeared on it in an unusual styling. Noah Shannon Green chose a blue dress reminiscent of Elsa’s Frozen outfit. This boy’s disguise caused controversy among Internet users who do not fully share the actress’s liberal views.

But the star and her husband support their son. Even in one of the interviews, she emphasized that the boy likes to wear dresses and loves pink. Megan Fox is not going to stop him. She tries to let her children know that they will always be able to turn to her for help. However, depressed by some of the negative comments out of concern for her eldest son’s welfare, the actress decided that Noah would attend a liberal school. In this way, she wants to protect him from criticism and unfair evaluation.

Megan Fox's son, Megan Fox

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“But even there, she still goes with little boys and hears from them over and over that boys don’t wear dresses or don’t wear pink,” said Megan Fox.

“I often hear that some people don’t like my son wearing dresses. I do not care. He is four and if he wants to wear dresses, we’ll put them on. It’s like it’s time to have fun. He doesn’t hurt anyone by wearing a dress, ”Megan Fox’s husband recalled in an interview.

Internet users are divided. Some people respect Megan for a liberal upbringing, while others point out too lenient attitude towards the child and excessive submission in fulfilling whims. What’s your opinion?

Megan Fox's son, Noah


Megan Fox's son, Noah


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