The successful method to end bullying in schools

Girls talking behind each other's backs in school locker room

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Lady Gaga, Shawn Mendes, Blake Lively, Karen Elson, Eminem, Kate Middleton and Mike Nichols — these are just a few people who have spoken about their experiences as being bullied at school and the pain it caused them in childhood and beyond. of life.

My tormentors at school were a couple of Daniels in rural Yorkshire. They had a habit of imitating and mocking everything I said, so I hardly dared speak in class.

Anyone who was bullied as a child will understand the feelings of shame that this type of experience can bring. And the consequences don’t stop there.

Recent research suggests that the effects of childhood bullying can last for decades, with lasting changes that can put us at greater risk for mental and physical health problems.

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