the Super Ottobrata continues, Temperatures up to almost 30 ° C, we tell you when it will definitely end »

Weather: the Super Ottobrata continues, Temperatures up to almost 30 ° C, we tell you when it will definitely end

Temperatures still above the average for the periodTemperatures still above the average for the periodThe super Ottobrata continues smoothly. We can call it that, or we can prefer Summer, the substance does not change, we are experiencing a climatic phase that is too over the top for the season, with temperatures definitely above average. And beware: it will get hotter and warmer in the coming days with practically summer values.
This period of abnormal heat is caused by the presence of a vast anticyclone which for a few days has taken possession of a large slice of the Mediterranean basin and which is making its influence overwhelmingly felt also in our country where not only the climate has changed, but the weather has also returned stable after the stormy last week.

In the next 48 hours the temperatures they are destined to make a further leap towards the other, so much so that they could touch peaks even close to 30 ° Cexpected for example in the area of Bolzano. Peaks of 27/28 ° C they can easily be recorded on the rest of the northern regions and al Centeras well as on many sections of the South.
You understand well that we are talking about thermal values ​​that are decidedly higher than the climatological average of the period: the question that many are asking us is however directed forward, namely: when this anomalous phase of unseasonal heat will end?
Well, if everything is confirmed, the mercury columns will begin to lose some points only at the turn of the next weekend when the first signs of subsidence from the high pressure will be noticed starting from the north-western regions and from Sardinia.

However, the October is destined to abandon us for good at the beginning of next week when the descent of a is expected from Northern Europe a cyclonic vortex with a cold character ready to bring the season back on the canonical tracks. The warm Anticyclone of the Azores will be forced to shift its center of gravity back into the Atlantic, thus leaving the Mediterranean and Italy at the mercy of fresh and unstable ocean currents.
In short, it will be true Autumn again.

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