The super suv with Mercedes warranty that costs only 2 thousand euros | Few know him

Jeeps and off-road vehicles, different sides of the same coin. And above all, they belong to the magical world of off-road. With 2 thousand euros you can secure one, especially “thanks” to Mercedes.

This is not exactly new. In the past, both two- and four-wheeled off-road vehicles were highly coveted, and so it is in 2022. After all, it is spectacular to drive on very tortuous routes to deal with, with driving at the limit and often precarious climatic conditions.

To do this, you need the right vehicle, and in fact a real automotive market for vehicles of this kind was born a few years ago. A sector that boasted and still can boast many customers and enthusiasts. Today we will find out when he was born and, above all, we will dwell on a model really very special.

Off-road vehicle October 4th 2022
Off road

Offroad: that’s when it all started

We can say that the very first off-road vehicles were born in the 40s. The four-wheel drive was still in the experimental phase on some cars such as the Mitsubishi PX33 or the GAZ-61, but the model that really made the difference in this sense was the famous Jeep Willys MB, built in the USA in 1941 during the Second World War for purely military purposes.

At the end of the war, however, such vehicles spread like wildfire. Especially for the workers. The most famous among the car market and racing remain the Land Rover, Range Rover, Defender, Discovery, Mitsubishi Pajero, Iveco massif, Nissan patrol, Toyota Land Cruiser, Hummer, Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes Classe G and Iveco Lince. All vehicles that have made the history of a very active sector on the automotive market.

Off-road vehicles: what are these vehicles

Off-road vehicles are motor vehicles suitable for rough surfaces, full of slopes and above all with poor grip. They can also go on asphalt, but let’s say they are more versatile than normal cars. dirt roads, full of gravel, but also grassy, ​​sandy, muddy and so on and so forth, are those in which these cars make the most difference and are also the real reason that led to their creation.

The ability to tackle any terrain makes them vehicles capable of reaching places that are impossible to go through for conventional models. Not for nothing were they used by the military in war, and today many law enforcement agencies make constant use of them. Off-road vehicles are also special vehicles such as trucks, motorcycles and quads. They are also used a lot by those who are simply passionate about this type of vehicle, who in fact also use them on the busiest streets.

SsangYong Korando: once upon a time there was the Korean off-road vehicle …

Speaking of off-road vehicles, today we will talk about the SsangYong Korando. A car produced from 1983 to 2010 (later becoming a Segment C SUV). A vehicle that is divided between some curiosities related to the name, Korando means Korea can do, and some well-known inspiration. The first series of the vehicle in question had definitely started from base of the Jeep CJ-7 (under license). Presented in March 1983, this is the first series of which production was terminated in 1996.

Korando (Web source) October 4, 2022
Korando (Web source)

In addition to the replica of the Jeep, this model has many as well ties to Mercedes. Starting with the engines, petrol and diesel, derived from Mercedes precisely. The car is equipped with a sturdy chassis with independent front suspension; the gearbox is 4-speed. The bodywork is characterized by a pointed nose and three doors, mechanics and interiors are reminiscent of those of a Mercedes.

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Today we can find this car at approx two thousand euro, so it shouldn’t be a difficult vehicle to buy. The only thing, for those who do not know it so well, do not expect anything revolutionary: because “Korea knows how to do it”, but the characteristics are all too reminiscent of Jeep and then Mercedes.

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