The superpower plans of the satrap. Lukashenka on “foreign thugs” and “restoring faith”

– This year will be difficult. The world will very seriously change in terms of joining nations and states into alliances. It will not only be difficult for countries like ours to survive alone, but even impossible. Therefore, I took a stricter course to maintain our sovereignty and independence, to be a state. But in close contact with my closest friends and brothers – announced Lukashenka, visiting one of the Orthodox churches in Minsk during the Orthodox Christmas.

These countries are – according to him – Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

– It doesn’t matter what’s going on there today. The nation is on the verge of exhaustion out there. It can’t be that long. We must do everything we can to bring Ukraine back to the bosom of our true faith

He announced.

According to him, the events in Kazakhstan result from attempts to interfere with the country’s affairs from the outside.

– I always warned that as soon as we allow a crack, the water will splash immediately. It happened in Kazakhstan, foreign thugs took advantage of this and moved, above all, to the flourishing south He announced, adding that now it is necessary to establish who is behind them.

In Lukashenka’s opinion, the events in Kazakhstan are one of the elements of the attempt to attack the post-Soviet states surrounding Russia.

– They want to drown Russia in blood

– he said, adding that if Russia collapsed, they “will grind us in the querns and spit us out”.

Therefore, he continued, “at all costs it is necessary to save the center of our civilization, the center of our Orthodoxy and not only “, which – as he emphasized – is now located in Russia.

Lukashenka expressed the conviction that sending the “peacekeepers” of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (ODKB) to Kazakhstan “would sober up those who wanted to warm their hands there”. He added that the Belarusian contingent had come to Kazakhstan as part of the “peacekeeping force” – not to kill and fight.

On Thursday, ODKB troops, mainly from Russia, were sent to Kazakhstan at the request of the country’s president, Kasym-Żomart Tokayev. Tokayev called on them for help over “external aggression,” as he called the violent protests that had been taking place in the country for several days.

Protests broke out on Sunday. Initially, they were directed against the rise in fuel prices, but then became political. During the demonstration, slogans were shouted against the former president, 81-year-old Nursultan Nazarbayev, from whom, according to the protesters, Tokayev took over the duties of the head of state only formally.

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