The tasteless behavior of a Polish boxer. “Like a monkey in a zoo” – o2

Both boxers were very excited on the day before the duel, which will take place on Friday at the Tymex Boxing Night 19 gala in Radom. The Englishman stood first on the scales, the second was Damian Jonak. The Pole returns to the ring after nearly 30 months and is looking forward to this event.

A brawl broke out between the players. Andrew Robinson threw his cap to the ground and began to push through with his opponent. The players were separated before more serious blows, clearly amused Mateusz Borek and Mariusz Grabowski.

– I’m very happy that he makes a clown of himself and clowns like a monkey at the zoo. I even like it. He will sleep ……. in front of me just like last time – said Damian Jonak directly after the call, questioned by the weighing leader Mateusz Borek.


The words spoken by Damian Jonak met with the indignation of the esteemed expert Przemek Cancarczyk.

– Robinson seems to have drawn some funds. He was puffed up and taut. In turn, if someone had used the phrase about “monkey in the zoo” before the gala in the United States to a man who is not white, the fight would not take place at one hundred million percent – says Gancarczyk on his YouTube channel.

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