The teenager took control of the Tesla. It scares rickrolling, but luckily it is a “white hat”

Do you use the Internet? Then you must have fallen for this number at least once. You clicked on a promising link and heard an excellent song. There is a reason why the song “Never Gonna Give You Up” has over a billion views. Rick Astley certainly did not anticipate the avalanche of his 1987 song’s re-popularity. podcastPiotr Pawlak: “Ford will be a technology company providing customers with mobility”

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Now the most annoying song in history will be listened to by Tesla owners. Contrary to appearances, this is not so bad news, because it means that the young hacker who discovered a software vulnerability has no malicious intentions. But he has a sense of humor.

German IT adept claims on Twitter that he is able to control some of the functions of Tesla cars from the comfort of his room. In addition to controlling the multimedia system, it can remotely open doors and windows, flash headlights, start the engine and turn off the alarm.

In addition, it can determine the location of the car and whether there is a driver in it. Fortunately, instead of putting his knowledge into practice, he decided to announce to the world that he had discovered a bug in Elon Musk’s car software that allowed external inspection.

David Colombo lives in Germany and has his own IT company

In addition, the actions described above end up exploiting the vulnerability. The error does not allow you to control the most important Tesla systems, i.e. those that are responsible for safety or are used for driving. Nevertheless, turning the music on full blast while driving or opening and starting the car can have dire consequences.

Therefore, the better that the hacker, hiding under the pseudonym David Colombo, belongs to the category of “white hat”, ie IT specialists breaking security, but without malicious intent. White hats are all about finding new vulnerabilities and patching those holes in the software.

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In addition, the bug allows partial control of only some Tesla units and cannot be used en masse. That’s what David Colombo says. So far, he has not presented any evidence for his boasting, but he still caused a lot of panic. His tweet has already been passed on by over 1,000 people.

Apparently, the hacker contacted a team of Tesla IT specialists responsible for the security of the American company’s car software. He wants to convey the details to them. He deserves not only internet glory for this, but also a solid reward. For now, he has advertised his own cybersecurity company in this way. And Tesla owners must like Rick Astley.

Tesla Model STesla Model S photo by Tesla

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