The television series of the 90s that made an entire generation dream

Do you want to know which were the most watched television series of the 90s? Here’s a roundup for you of the unforgettable ones that have written history.

Surely tears will come to your eyes thinking about how much the 90s have given us in terms of TV series emotions! A truly enormous number of productions that have made history and officially opened the genre of “TV series”

And then clearly kicking off the boom that gradually affected the 2000s, especially with the advent of on-demand TV.

Let’s find out together what they are Most popular 90s TV series of all time.


How can we forget the legendary Baywatch theme song with the inimitable fiery red costumes? Undoubtedly on the podium as the most watched TV series of the nineties. Debuts in 1989 on NBC, then traversed the entire world and are forever etched in memory. Baywatch entered the Guinness World Record over the seasons with a weekly audience of approximately 1.1 billion.

Created by Greg Bonann, a lifeguard by profession, it tells the adventures of Los Angeles beach guard, who between one rescue and another live their lives between loves, friendships and conflicts. Grappling with exciting and engaging plots that keep his fans glued from episode to episode.

Beverly Hills 90210

Mythical and super iconic. Here too we have one of the most loved acronyms ever. Beverly Hills 90210 is the 90s series par excellence, having aired in the USA for ten seasons from 1990 to 2000. The series deals with very delicate and widespread issues among young people of that decade.

We talk about drugs, alcohol, AIDS, sexuality and homosexuality and many others through the story of two twin brothers Brandon (Jason Priestley) And Brenda (Shannen Doherty) Walsh who moved to Beverly Hills, a Californian city known for Hollywood stars and the luxurious shopping street Rodeo Drive.

90210 it’s not a random number: it’s the zip code of this Californian city. Among the main protagonists are the actors Luke Perry (Dylan), Ian Ziering (Steve), Brian Austin Green (David), Jennie Garth (Kelly), Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea), Tory Spelling (Female).

Dawson’s Creek

Teen series aired for ben six seasons between the 1990s and the 2000s. Yet another very famous acronym with the song “I don’t want to waitby Paula Cole. The plot revolves around the sentimental stories of Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek), Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) And Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson) that intertwine with the daily events of their teenage lives in Capeside, Massachusetts.

Series creator Kevin Williamson drew on his own life to create the protagonist Dawson.

Love triangles, misunderstandings, attempts to escape and end it all, jealousies and betrayals, but also a lot of romance thrilled a crowd of teenagers and not only, creating a real phenomenon of that decade.


If we talk about acronyms to remember, it is in pole position! If we talk about characterization, he is in pole position! If we talk about memorable dialogues, it is in pole position! In short, we understood that when we talk about Friends, words are never enough, because everything is already written in this simple word. Perhaps the most loved American series of all time, born in the nineties but also aired in the 2000s.

Super fun comedy, combines intelligence, depth and lightness, thanks above all to a commendable screenplay and the perfect interpretation of its protagonists. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross they are single thirty-year-olds who have not yet figured out what to do in life and, amidst interludes and feelings, they spend their days sharing homes and places of leisure.

In the cast Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green) Courtney Cox (Monica Geller) Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay) Matt LeBlanc (Joey Tribbiani) Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing) e David Schwimmer (Ross Geller).

Melrose Place

It was conceived as a spin off of “Beverly Hills 90210”but then stands as yet another success of producers Darren Star and Aaron Spelling.

Melrose Place is gone aired from 1992 to 1999 for a total of seven seasons and sinks its plot on the love affairs and intrigues among the boys who live in an apartment complex in West Hollywood Los Angeles.

Over the seasons many characters follow one another who feed the stories underlying the episodes, but in the original cast we remember Josie Bissett, who played Jane Andrews, wife of Michael, played instead by Thomas Calabro, Matt Fielding (Doug Savant) gay social worker, bad boy Jake Hanson (Grant Show), Amanda WoodWard played by Heather Locklear and Peter Burns, played by Jack Wagner.

Eight under one roof

Original title “Family Matters”, is a television series that has entertained viewers from all over the world for almost all of the nineties. In fact, it was broadcast first by ABC and then by CBS between 1989 and 1997.

Protagonist the very nice and very clumsy Steve who tries in every way to conquer Laura, the daughter of Carl Winslow (Reginald VelJohnson), a sergeant in the Chicago police and later a captain. Funny and hilarious, she has a comedy that is never banal and really very engaging. This series was born as a spin-off of “Balki and Larry – Two perfect Americans” (“Perfect Strangers”in the American version).

Seventh heaven

Another very popular television series is “7th Heaven”, known in Italy with the title of Settimo Cielo, which tells family stories in an all-American way and aired for eleven seasons, broadcast between 1996 and 2007 on Italy 1.

Protagonists the Reverend Camden (Stephen Collins), a Protestant pastor who lives in a small traditional US town with his very large and cumbersome family due to the thousand vicissitudes that are experienced. He and his wife Annie have five children, all in their preteen and teenage years, later joined by a set of twins. The problems the characters are dealing with are typical of the parent-child relationship: from adolescent mood swings to the many difficulties of becoming an adult.

Twin Peaks

The notes of his soundtrack already immerse the viewer in the thrill of mystery. Timeless masterpiece of the genius of David Lynch, Twin Peaks is today considered a sort of watershed in the history of television series that are divided into a before and after the airing of the first season of the show in 1990 then continued in a second cycle of episodes in 1991.

The series is set in the fictional town of Twin Peaks, whose tranquility is brutally ripped away by the discovery of the body of Laura Palmer, a popular high school student in the town. The investigations are entrusted to FBI agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) who must try to decipher the enigmatic world of the inhabitants of Twin Peaks on the edge of reality.

Willy – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

It aired in the USA from 1990 to 1996, and with its fashion, style and slang it fully represents that wealthy and carefree society of American youth. Protagonist Willy (Will Smith), as a fictional version of himself.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, he is sent by the very rich relatives of Bell-Air, and here he finds himself living a whole new life between money, servitude and beautiful girls, with adventures and disasters always super fun. The six seasons are gone aired in Italy from 1993 to 1996.


Science fiction series and thriller plot created by Chris Carter and broadcast by Fox from 1993 to 2002. Starring Agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), firmly decided that there is something”beyond science”, unexplained phenomena that cannot be rationally deciphered.

Along with Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), doctor and FBI recruit, who instead entrusts his beliefs exclusively to science, investigates mysterious cases that seem to be connected to the paranormal. It undoubtedly marked the era of his genre, as it profoundly changed the perception of the previous series largely oriented towards adolescent audiences. This, on the other hand, involved a much more transversal audience, remaining a reference brand.

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