The Tender Bar – movie trailer of George Clooney. Oscar winning candidate

The Tender Bar is a drama based on the diary of Pulitzer Prize-winning JR Moehringer. This is a story about JR (Tye Sheridan) who are growing up in Long Island. At Uncle Charlie’s Bar (Ben Affleck) is looking for someone to replace his father. His mother (Lily Rabe) struggles with everyday life to give her son a good life and opportunities that she herself did not have. He wants to leave his father’s house (Christopher Lloyd) in which they are forced to live. JR, on the other hand, begins to follow romantic and professional dreams.

The Tender Bar – trailer

The cast is Ben Affleck, Lily Rabe, Christopher Lloyd, Tye Sheridam. Daniel Ranieri, Max Casella, Sondra James, Max Martini, Michael Braun, Matthew Delamater, Rhenzy Feliz, Ivan Leung, and Briana Middleton. George Clooney directed from a screenplay by Oscar winner William Monahan (Departed, Gambler).

Clooney and Grant Heslov are the producers. Ted Hope, JR Moehringer, and Barbara A. Hall are executive producers.

The Tender Bar – premiere in American cinemas on December 17. The film must be broadcast to compete for the Oscars, on January 7, 2022, it will go to Amazon Prime Video worldwide.

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