The thirteenth anniversary of the album The Fame. We present five of our favorite songs from Lady Gaga’s album •

BUndoubtedly, Lady Gaga’s debut album had a huge impact on the music market at that time. For years, the singles from the album reigned supreme on dance floors and are the favorites of many of the artist’s supporters. Our editorial team selected favorite songs from the iconic “The Fame”.

1. Just Dance

This is where it all started. This track is definitely a must have in this set. The catchy, hit single turned out to be a bull’s eye, and the world of pop was open to Lady Gaga. He topped the Billboard Hot 100 list. So far we come back to this track, and the impressions remain positive.

2. Boys Boys Boys

Gaga herself recalls the track as a female version of Motley Crue’s “Girls Girls Girls”, but with her own twist. Initially, it was supposed to be the next single from the album after Paparazzi. This lively track is one of our favorite songs on the album.

3. Summerboy

Here is the summer insert in our list. The artist admitted that one of the inspirations for creating this piece was the boy she was dating during the summer and she knew that this relationship would not survive after the sunny season of the year. The track littered with gentle Gaga vocals with interesting production takes the top spot on our personal list.

4. LoveGame

LoveGame is another single from The Fame album. The hit was written in just four minutes. Verse I wanna take a ride on your disco stick inspired her to write the entire piece after she used the phrase at a nightclub the day before. The song has had many remixes – it was even remixed by Marilyn Manson. The song hit the charts all over the world, and also found its place in our personal list.

5. Poker Face

The artist’s second number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list and the second single from The Fame album. The dance hit quickly won the hearts of the audience. One of Gaga’s favorite songs from this release, as well as ours. Poker Face closes our modest list of songs from this phenomenal album.

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