the three examples of Spalletti


The theory of Napoli without roles and of free space: Spalletti's three examples

The full-backs of Napoli no longer only maintain their position, but move freely on the field following the directives of Luciano Spalletti

One of the secrets of the Naples it is certainly the players’ willingness to sacrifice a part of their ego in order to make a contribution to the team. He confirmed it himself Spalletti yesterday at the press conference: “This availability is a lot of stuff, it becomes almost embarrassing. I hardly had it in my career “. In the field, then, the results can be seen and how.

by Claudio Russo (@claudioruss)

Naples without roles, the example of full backs

Remaining in scope Champions LeagueGiovanni’s heatmaps Of Lorenzo And Mario Ruias well as Mathias Oliveragive a good idea of ​​the sentence declared by Spalletti: “There is this chemistry of receiving the ball and taking free space, everyone adapts to what is the space that is created”

Space is what the full-backs create Naplesdepending on the exterior they are in front of: they are there Politano And Lozano who point the man? The full-back attacks towards the center, overlapping by cutting into the field. There are Elmas or Kvaratskhelia that are centralized? There is a free band on which to sink and stretch out.

Liverpool, Ajax, Rangers Glasgow. Excluding the debut against Salah And Diazin a Maradona that he saw Of Lorenzo and Olivera behind the half-way line in terms of average positions, in the other four games the full-backs’ zones of influence have been heavily lengthened and widened not only beyond the half-way line, but also towards the opponent’s penalty area. To create numerical superiority and upset the markings of European defenses more malleable than the Italian ones. “When the ball moves fast and there is quality and continuity, it almost seemed that the team was without roles”he said Spalletti: on his face there was a gloating expression.

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