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During the last decade, communication has been established as an important element of change projects arising in organizations, which are complex and crucial to the achievement of the stated objectives, explaining why the importance of organizational communication is currently increasing. is being supported by its implementation.

It is a fundamental premise for the achievement of employees’ effectiveness in their daily work by establishing healthy and productive relationships with a variety of external contacts that directly affect the image and results of the business (Rible, 2006).

For his part, Rafael Alberto Pérez, quoted by Rebel, points out that, despite the progress achieved in this field, “communication is still a factor that is not professionalized enough, a force that has not yet been used in many social, political, areas have not been mastered. and economic. This situation is due to the fact that communication is separated from action”.

According to this author, there is still a disorientation about using the power of communication and using it to put out fires reactively rather than in a planned and preventive manner, a call to action and anticipation of problems. Acts as a trigger. of communication.

Strategic communication offers a solid method determined to make it all clear

Therefore, communication is a strategic weapon in the organizational sphere, where the dissemination of communication channels is used to guarantee the support of business objectives, being the main goal.

Organizational communication has opened up for change towards management levels; However, it does not respond to strategic factors. It is a fact that through the implementation of certain media it has become possible to increase the quality of information and every time the communicator plays a stronger role as an advisor to the users’ continuous needs.

But in managing the communicator, he remains open to the greater challenge of linking himself to business strategy, which will eventually allow him to combine the roles of strategist, advisor and executor that he recognizes are already the aims of companies. . in more advanced countries.

Communication is already recognized as a powerful weapon for the attainment of objectives of organizations and should be used strategically to support those objectives which include alignment of personnel towards common goals, an administrative, financial, operational An understanding of the relevant conditions of Marketing or adaptation of new technologies to modify behavior towards more productive ways of working (rebel).

It is encouraging to see that the fight to gain recognition of communications as a strategic business weapon is beginning to bear fruit, as senior management is requesting support to launch more precise messaging based on the unit’s actual needs.

But the communicator still has another battle to win, that of anticipating these kinds of needs and designing messages of high quality and effectiveness, as it is true that communication is increasingly recognized as a critical component of global business strategy. is recognized. It is necessary to define what the best practices are in each case in order to establish successful action plans and help companies achieve their goals.

Argentina (2014), for its part, refers that the business environment changes permanently. Now every unit needs to develop communication strategically. Therefore, the way an entity adapts and modifies its behaviour, manifesting it through its communication, will determine its success as a company in the 21st century.

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