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Not all auto insurance is expensive. Among the many possible options to insure your car, there are several that are much cheaper than average. Let’s discover the best solutions for the month of October 2022! Here’s everything you need to know

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In a time of price increases like this, it is always wise to find all possible ways to save some money. And even in the car sector there are more advantageous solutions in any field. In this article we will see the best solutions in reference to the car insurance of the month of October 2022! Here’s everything you need to know to save a few precious euros

It is not only the increases in reference to petrol that haunt millions of Italians. In fact, in the maintenance of a car an important cost is also paid by the road tax, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and TPL! Indeed, insuring your car is mandatory.

The insurance policy for the civil liability of the vehicle (RCA, in fact) is the only valid solution to be able to insure the vehicle and make it circulate on the street. This is what article 193 of the Highway Code provides

Economic insurance
Economic car insurance – Motori.News

But what are the cheapest auto insurances of this period? Here are some solutions that will allow you to save a lot of money compared to the average

Car insurance October 2022: here are all the most convenient solutions!

The pressing costs in every sphere and sector force millions of Italians to save a little bit where possible. Anyone online can comparefor instance, the best solutions in reference to Motor TPL, the mandatory annual payment! This insurance – after paying the premium, which varies from brand to brand – allows you to stay safe. That means, allows you to insure on damage caused to other people

Cheap car insurance
Here are all the RCA economic cars in October 2022 – Motori.News

To purchase the policy and stay safe, the premium must be paid to the relevant Insurance. There are several very affordable solutions for the next month! The prize, in fact, is freely determined! Here are the best options when it comes to saving money in October 2022!

There Zurich Connect in this period it allows you to take out the Motor TPL policy for just 16 euros per month at zero interest! Furthermore, this brand is also very advantageous for the family members of those who take out this policy! Each family member can get a 5% discount on a new policy and 10% on optional guarantees, such as theft, fire, license withdrawal and many others.

Basic Auto RCA policies are really affordable these days and several brands have implemented significant discounts! The insurance company Quixahowever, it puts in place discounts also in reference to other non-compulsory ancillary coverages! This brand allows you to save up to 40% on different packages compared to single coverage

If you are looking for an economical solution, on the web on various portals – like – you can compare all the various insurance brands and find the policy that best suits your needs

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