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In the world of the surroundings in which, apparently, She moves in with her husband, Gerard Pique, and their two sons, Milan and Sasha, has been rocked this week with two news items that put the singer up against the ropes. The court of Esplugues de llobregat (Barcelona) has accepted a complaint lodged by the public Prosecutor’s office against him or her for six offences of tax evasion and, as a first step in this investigation, called out to them, it has to be made. The artist is facing a criminal trial for having withheld, allegedly, at 14.5 million euros (62 million dollars) by way of a business in a tax haven. On the other hand, it is the target of a barrage of criticism for not having taken part in the concert organized in February in Cucuta, Colombia, on the border with Venezuela, against the blockade by the regime of Nicolás Maduro, for the entry of humanitarian aid into the country. She, as much in the other things, only this time to release a video in support of their social networks, rather than on the side of his friends and colleagues, such as Alejandro Sanz, Miguel Bosé, Paulina Rubio, Juanes, Maluma Carlos Vives.

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There seems to have been no accident that She walked away from the media spotlight since the end of December, you have come to the surface of your problems with the Recipe. This also coincided with the end of the world tour, the album, the first since the birth of her two children. She lives her life at home while in Barcelona and it did not make any statements about the case. The criminal trial for tax evasion, not only can you take it back to the prison, in the event of a conviction, but also means a long exposure for the public, which will be the first and primary act of his deposition, as investigated in light of a district court judge on the 12th of June of that year. It will be in Esplugues de Llobregat, the town in which they live, with Gerard Piqué and the couple’s two children. She will move around in the residential area of the upper class, and not too far from the sports complex of the Club— even in the streets close to the centre of the city, where they will remain for the courts of instruction. It’s an old building, and a modest one, on which to build up a dossier of the paper, and the Fairness of the digital it seems like a pipe dream.

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The nightmare court She was at the headquarters of the Tax Agency, its representatives have not been able to seal a deal with the investigators to leave the matter at the administrative level. After reviewing the case for many months, during which time there were intense negotiations, the office of the Prosecutor has seen signs of a crime, and have denounced the artist for six-crimes to a tax. According to defence sources, the $ 14.5 million reportedly sonegados have been returned to the sender. But that does not mean, of course, is that the gears of Justice to carry on the march.

The celebrities involved in this type of crime usually tend to try to set up agreements with the Attorney general’s office to avoid a trial, and, therefore, to get rid of a greater exposure to the public, which may affect adversely on your career. In exchange, the accused acknowledges the facts, and to open it generously to the inside pocket of the Prosecutor’s office reduces the penalty that you had initially. The problem is, in the case of the colombian superstar is accused of six offences, and with an alleged scheme to companies in a tax haven, it will be below the threshold of two years for the conviction that, in theory, to prevent an offender will actually be arrested— this is over-complicated. The defense has been working with all of the scenarios is to try to achieve the best possible result, and their spokesmen insists on the message: She left everything in the hands of his assistants, primarily from Price Waterhouse Coopers. In his testimony, in Esplugues de llobregat, the lead singer will be accompanied by his lawyer and a person of trust during all these years, Ezequiel Camerini, who will also give evidence of being investigated.

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The people at the Recipe and began to trace the life of the world, when they suspected that he was sonegando tax in Spain. Although the singer has claimed that he lived in the Bahamas, the authorities have sought to demonstrate that, at least as of 2011, his regular residence was in Spain, which was obliged to pay taxes in the country. To this end, they visited the business premises to which it was going more or less often, as a hair dressing salon in the city of Barcelona. And it is also followed with care and attention to their activity on social networks such as Instagram. The work of the field, it worked, and it is, in part, what underlies the criminal case filed against the singer.

In addition to the consequences under the criminal law and the image, and are cost effective. She had paid 20 million euros to 85.6 million) to settle accounts with the Revenue for the financial year 2011. This is the first year I directed, but the defence points out that it has been paid for, because it has to be done to be able to discuss it later with the other values in the Recipe. In the other years under investigation (2012-2014) is included in the process and has led to the provisional payment of 14.5 billion euros.

The money does not seem to be a problem for a She wolf, who has a great career and great wealth, for which some of the media specialist estimated at more than 200 million euros (856 million dollars). It also doesn’t seem to be a problem for Benfica, and that, in addition to continue to be a highlight of Barcelona, and is becoming more and more immersed in the world of business. The latter is a promoter of the new Davis Cup in tennis. The couple had been interested in the world of technology, and has already had meetings with Mark Zuckerberg.

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The one that seems to have changed is the attitude of the world, which is at the crossroads, states that it is willing to co-operate. This is what their spokespeople assure us of this.



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