The Titanic’s Near Disappearance: This Surprising Request From James Cameron

Terrible play. On June 18, Ocean Gate submersible renamed Titan With five people, went out to explore famous wreck of titanic, quickly, it was gonna lost all contact with polar prince, the ship in charge of assisting him in this mission. The verdict came after four days: equipment was broken and the lives of five of its passengers were lost,

Nearly a month later, this Thursday, July 13, new information reached us. According Sun, A surprising request was made to James Cameron, More specifically, Canadian director, screenwriter, producer and explorer of the ocean floor – notably known for directing the feature film in 1997 Titanic Together Leonardo Dicaprio And Kate Winslet – to make a drama series on this story.

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Actor Matt Damon’s name was mentioned

As per elements available with our partners, the 68-year-old director is currently in talks with a major streaming platform. so it must have been contacted to tell Story of five passengers who lost their lives during the eruption of Titan, “This disaster is considered a major event (This streaming giant, which considers it important enough to adapt it into a series.) And James Cameron is his first choice to direct,a source reacted Sun,

Then the same person clarified that James Cameron told the historical drama of Titanic “Such Sympathy”that his contribution to this new project – if he accepted the offer – would seem “Natural”, and then making this promise: “Retrieving the history of the passengers of Titan would be an enormous task, but This will cost a lot of time, money and resources,

according to information from Sunhollywood star name Matt Damon will appear on List of actors wanted for this project, Name of Pakistani-American comedian and comedian Kumail Nanjiani – who starred in the 2017 romantic comedy very sickwhich we attribute to Michael Showalter – was also cited.

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