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What are the most expensive and most requested places in Italy to buy a house? To answer this question, idealista / data has developed a report to compile the ranking of the 100 municipalities that generated the most leads (contacts via e-mail and shares) for announcement and those in which the average of the final sale price is higher. Let’s find out what the scenario arose from the data on second quarter 2022.

The most expensive places to buy a house

The highest step of the podium of the most expensive locations in Italy for those looking for a house to buy in the first quarter of 2022 is occupied by Forte dei Marmi, where the average selling price of a house is € 1 million 416,294. Second place in the ranking is occupied by another Municipality of Versilia, Pietrasantawhose average price for homes for sale is 570,774.

Complete the podium, in third place, Alassioon the splendid Ligurian coast in the province of Savona, where on average you have to shell out 453,215 euros to buy a residential property in the first second of 2022. They also enter the top 5 Venice (433,257 euros) and Camaiore (also in Versilia, with an average selling price of 399,370 euros).

In general, in the top 10 of the most expensive places to buy a house in Italy in the second quarter of 2022 there is a large representation of tourist resorts, a favorite destination for those looking for a second home in an exclusive place. Among the municipalities that respond to this identikit we also find Lerici, Riccione, Desenzano del Garda. Two cities such as Florence and Milanwhere the average selling prices exceed 350.00 euros.

The municipalities that have a requested sale price, on average, higher than 900 euros / m2 and for which there is a stock of listings of properties for sale of over 1,000 units on idealista are examined by the report. Furthermore, the study shows that the final price of a house for sale on idealista is 275,289 euros on average at Rome.

The most popular places to buy a house

Idealista / data has implemented an indicator that summarizes the pressure of demand on supply in each area of ​​Italy for the segment of homes for sale. The indicator is based on the number of leads (contacts via e-mail and shares) received per ad.

Bologna and Cagliari are the municipalities in which the most contacts are accumulated per advertisement (3.2) for houses for sale published on idealista. Trieste (3) and Verona (2.6) follow. Municipalities such as Brescia, Lecce, Milan, Rome, Sesto San Giovanni, Salerno, Trento, Naples are among the most popular locations.

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