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A macabre crime that shook the Internet community. A 33-year-old influencer was brutally murdered in her home. The body of the dead Internet star and dying killer was found by her father. What was behind the motives behind this shocking murder?

A 33-year-old influencer is dead. She was brutally murdered

To this a gruesome crimethat plunged American internet users into mourning on August 29 in Richmond, Texas. Popular influencer Janae Gagnier, known as Miss Mercedes Morr, was found dead in her own apartment by her father. The woman did 33 years and enjoyed great popularity on the Internet. Her instagram profile, in addition to 2.7 million fans, also watched by world stars, incl. Cardi B and Snoop Dogg.

“She was lying on the floor, her clothes were torn”

The influencer’s father, Mark Gagnier, decided to visit her at her apartment after she stopped answering his calls. Surprisingly, a 33-year-old She didn’t answer calls all weekend.

I know my daughter when I got to her house, the door was locked and she was not answering the phone. I knew something was wrong, so I broke the door open without hesitation – said the dad of the late influencer.

The sight that Father Janae saw in the apartment is chilling. The man said that no parent wishes such an experience.

I walked into the house and Janae was lying on the floor. Her clothes were torn Mark Gagnier was saying.

That’s not all, because there was someone else in the apartment. Father Gagnier found a bloodied man in the apartment with a stuck knife still alive.

I went upstairs, found the guy with the knife still alive – he informed journalists.

The man found in the apartment died in the hospital. Police identified him as 34-year-old Kevin Alexander Accorto, whose last address was in Florida.

What was the motive behind this crime?

Investigators initially established the course of the crime. According to them, Kevin Alexander Accorto was supposed to enter the woman’s apartment and to strangle a 33-year-old. Then committed suicide by stabbing himself several times with a knife in the stomach. The findings of the uniformed officers are also confirmed by the autopsy, which showed that Janae Gagnier died as a result of suffocation. However, the perpetrator’s motive is still unknown.

The shocking thing is that Janae Gagnier and Kevin Alexander Accorto had not known each other before and had no relationship. Although the case is still under investigation, the mother of the murdered influencer revealed the likely causes of this tragedy. A few days before her death, she had to complain about stalkerwho was extremely interested in her and her Instagram entries. According to the family, Janae Gagnier was harassed by a man prior to the murder.

Unfortunately, someone basically stalked and killed my baby Said the mother of the 33-year-old, Jeanetta Grover.

An investigation into this gruesome crime is still ongoing. The family is currently preparing for the funeral ceremony.

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