The tragic death of Sławomir Majusiak. The former Polish representative in athletics was 57 years old Athletics

“With disbelief I accepted the information about the death of the late Sławomir Majusiak. The man who permanently entered the annals of athletics in Ostrow has passed away. The most titled competitor of Ostrowska Stal. , setting ambitious goals for the next generations of young athletes, I honored him with the Wawrzyno Sport for the entirety in 2018. He was still interested in local sport, he was supporting sportsmen, not only for family reasons. This death came much too soon … Rest in peace! – Paweł Rajski, the starost of Ostrów, wrote on Facebook.

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S³awomir Majusiak is dead. “He loved sport and constantly cheered on the athletes from Ostrów Wielkopolski”

The daughter of Majusiak, Julia Dutkiewicz, also spoke after the tragic event. “I am his daughter and I was with him for a whole year when there were problems, I fought to help him until the last day. I did not leave him with these problems, but depression is a terrible disease” – reads the Dutkiewicz entry on Facebook.

“I received the news with sadness about the death of Sławomir Majusiak, an entrepreneur, athlete, and outstanding athlete of Stal Ostrów, who had many long-distance successes on his account. He loved sports and constantly cheered on the athletes from Ostrów. , I express my sympathy. Hello his memory! ” – wrote the president of Ostrów Wielkopolski, Beata Klimek.

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“Mr. S³awomir Majusiak was the owner of the tenement house from which he collapsed and a long-term owner of Gazeta Ostrowska. He also ran a warehouse” – informed the portal

“Young asp. Ma³gorzata Micha¶ from the police in Ostrow reports that a 57-year-old man fell from the roof of a four-story tenement house onto a promenade. He died on the spot as a result of his injuries. The body was taken for autopsy. The circumstances of this event do not rule out any scenarios for the time being. It is known that the man owned the building from which he fell. He probably suffered from depression for a long time, “we read further on the portal .

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In the past, S³awomir Majusiak was an athlete who successfully competed in medium-distance 5 and 10 km runs and half marathons. He had a bronze medal at the European Junior Championships in the 3000 m race. His life record in a half-marathon – 1:02:30 – is one of the best results in the history of Polish athletics.

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