the trail of the debt with the murdered professor –

from Fulvio Bufi

The crime of the professor in the school yard in Melito (Naples). The suspect man stopped: a janitor. The story of the witnesses and the images of the cameras. Clothes possibly stained with blood were found in the house of the school worker

– There would be a question linked to a debt at the origin of the murder of Marcello Toscano, the sixty-four-year-old support teacher of the average Marino Guarano di Melito found on Tuesday evening in the courtyard of the institute with his abdomen and chest slashed by several stab wounds ( in a photo published yesterday by
was attributed to Professor Toscano – as indicated by the Photo Masi agency – the image of another person). The prosecutors of the Naples North Prosecutor’s Office are convinced of this, who yesterday ordered the arrest of a janitor from the same school where Toscano worked: Giuseppe Porcelli, 54 years old.

In a very short time, the carabinieri collected a series of elements considered by the magistrates to be more than sufficient for accuse Porcelli of murder. Although he never made admissions during the interrogation.

The motive would lead to a debt contracted by the janitor with the professor. According to some witnesses, Porcelli asked Toscano – obtaining it – for a loan to start a commercial activity. No details emerge on the amount of the figure n on the agreed modalities for the restitution, but the investigators are sure that this argument was at the center of the confrontation which then resulted in the stabbing.

THE main elements to be borne by the janitor they would come from the video surveillance system of a butcher’s shop located in Viale delle Magnolie, right in front of the Guarano courtyard. The images recorded around 1pm, when the classes have just come out and there are still boys standing in front of the gate, would show Toscano and Porcelli who, a few seconds away from each other, are heading towards the former caretaker’s house, a low building separated from the school body, now used as a warehouse. The body of the professor will be found around nine in the evening in front of that small building, but inside that the murder would have taken place. The cameras, in fact, will no longer frame Toscano, after having filmed him while he is walking towards the former caretaker’s house. Instead they will frame shortly after Porcelli who makes the reverse path and then leaves the school. Around five o’clock in the afternoon, here he comes again. This time he opens the gate, gets in the car and heads back to the depot.

The traces of blood found on the steps would show that Porcelli dragged the professor’s body outside,
probably with the intention of loading it in the car and then abandoning it who knows where. An unexpected change made him change his program: the school was not as deserted as he imagined. Voices coming from the gym, where some attendants were putting the tools in order, alarmed him. And to understand who was there he looked out and ended up being seen by those people who were then listened to by the carabinieri and reported the episode.

The rest did one search of the janitor’s housewhere they were found and seized stained clothespresumably of blood. And even the testimony of his partner did not help him: the woman reported that twice, at lunchtime and in the afternoon, as soon as he returned, he changed.

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