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7.28 Our LIVE LIVE Italy-France women’s rugby ends here. Thanks for following us and have a nice day everyone.

7.26 The furrow between the two teams was dug in the last quarter: the blue for 60 minutes held the field in a great way. Italy comes out with its head held high.

THE GAME ENDS! France beats Italy 39-3 and flies to the semifinals.

78 ‘Menager loses the ball: scrum ordered for Italy.

77 ′ In the last minutes the blue are trying to resist and avoid a worse passive.

74 ′ Italy tries to react, but energy is also scarce at this moment.

71 ′ There is also the transformation for France.

70 ‘Triplet for Griset and goal of 37-3. The blue have given in from a physical point of view.

68 ′ Griset passes through the fourth French goal. Conversion does not come instead.

67 ‘Kick too short and the blues still expose themselves to the French attack.

65 ′ Another goal of France: 27-3. Touye has the better of the blue defense.

64 ‘Great kick by Drouin one meter from the goal line.

63 ′ Ammonita Turani and Italy still inferior.

62 ′ Orderly melee clearly superior to France: there is the goal. 20-3 France.

61 ′ Not granted half to France for a “forward”. The goal of Boulard is not valid.

59 ′ France in the five meters of Italy: really difficult defense.

57 ‘Recovery of France: Sillari slipped. There could be a chance to restart.

56 ‘Boulard error in high grip: gives Italy a scrum.

54 ‘The blue recover the ball! Another splendid defense.

53 ′ Ostuni Minuzzi overtaken by Escudero: France in the 22 Italians.

52 ′ Still advantage acquired by France from an orderly scrum.

50 ′ Michela Sillari returns: back in numerical parity.

49 ′ France decides to go for the poles and scores another three points: 13-3 France.

47 ‘Escudero loses the ball before reaching the goal! Italy is still saved.

46 ‘Beatrice Rigoni defends! He puts his arm over the ball: there is no French goal.

44 ′ Stoic Lucia Gai in defense! France fails to break through.

43 ′ Italy tries to get the ball out of the fray.

42 ′ Drouin’s foot pushes Italy back into its 22.

41 ′ Beatrice Rigoni’s football directly out: very strong wind. She starts again with the fray for France.

THE SECOND HALF BEGINS! Football to Italy.

6.26 The start of the second half will not be easy for our girls with the numerical inferiority due to the yellow for Michela Sillari.

END OF FIRST TIME! France led 10-3, but Italy held up well and could sting in a couple of circumstances.

44 ′ Drouin is not wrong: 10-3 France.

43 ′ Ostuni Minuzzi cancels football, but there is an advantage for France who have a football near the goal line.

41 ‘Escudero arrives on the ball and brings up the French.

40 ‘Last ball of the first half: it is a scrum for the blues.

39 ‘Penalty made by Sillari, first three points deserved for Italy: 7-3 France.

38 ′ Really rocky defense the French one, difficult to unhinge.

37 ′ Send the blues back, but there is another touch close to the 22 French.

36 ‘A retort reported: Italy loses the ball. A real shame, the blue were in the frontcourt.

35 ′ The foot of Ostuni Minuzzi! The blue conceded a touch to France a few centimeters from the flag.

34 ′ Great race of Trouin who enters the 22 Italians.

33 ‘Veronica Madia for a while fails to take advantage of a stray ball.

32 ‘Football in touch and throw-in in the attacking zone for Italy.

31 ‘Ball recovered by Michela Sillari! The blue can now try to restart.

30 ′ France does not gain the field from the ordered melee! Rocky Italian girls.

28 ‘Lost ball from Italy that was going up after the obstruction committed by the transalpine.

26 ′ Two imprecise supports and Italy must abandon the French half.

25 ′ Offensive possession for Italy: it would be essential to score at this moment.

23 ‘Throw-in for France who tries to go upstream.

22 ′ The ball escapes the Italian girls: the pace of the attack was good.

21 ′ Now it is Italy that tries to fight back.

20 ′ Drouin does not make football! His achievement from afar is too weak: he remains at 7-0.

19 ′ Another ball lost by France! But unfortunately Ostuni Minuzzi does not hold possession and does not materialize the counterattack.

18 ′ Menager escapes the ball: Italy can try to restart.

17 ′ Italy is still saved! The Frenchwoman falls to the ground and prevents the defense from intervening: the blue rearguard has done very well so far.

16 ′ France is still among the 22 Italians thanks to the posts.

14 ‘Scrum ordered to French introduction for an Italian impropriety.

13 ‘Some inaccuracies for the French at the foot: throw-in for Italy.

11 ‘Error of France in attack: danger escaped by the blue who come out of the pressure.

9 ′ The French have set the tents in the 22 Italians: difficult to resist.

8 ′ The Italian defense tries to buffer a French attack in many phases.

7 ′ Scrum in favor of France who tries to reach the goal again.

6 ′ Really complex start for the blue who have to make a run-up match.

4 ′ Drouin football is not wrong: 7-0 France.

3 ‘META BY JOANNA GRISEZ. The French immediately take the lead: the transalpine is very fast, the blue defense is surprised: 5-0 France.

2 ′ Well the Italian defense that comes out with the ball, France had entered the 22.

1 ′ First ball collected by Italy that tries to play it openly.

5.29 The great charge of the blue screaming at the end of the national anthem.

5.28 Time for national anthems, first the Marseillaise, then the Mameli anthem.

5.27 These are the formations:

France: 15. Boulard; 14. Grisez, 13. Filopon, 12. Vernier, 11. M. Ménager; 10. Drouin, 9. Bourdon; 8. Escudero, 7. Mayans, 6. Hermet (chap.); 5. Fall, 4. Ferer; 3. Joyeux, 2. Sochat, 1. Deshaye.

Available: 16. Touyé, 17. Lindelauf, 18. Khalfaoui, 19. N’Diaye, 20 Gros, 21. Chambon, 22. Queyroi, 23. Jacquet.


15 Victory OSTUNI MINUZZI (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 19 caps)
14 Aura MUZZO (Arredissima Villorba Rugby, 30 caps)
13 Michela SILLARI (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 73 caps)
12 Beatrice RIGONI (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 60 caps)
11 Maria MAGATTI (Cus Milano Rugby, 49 caps)
10 Veronica MADIA (Rugby Colorno, 35 caps)
9 Sofia STEFAN (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 72 caps)
8 Elisa GIORDANO (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 59 caps) – captain
7 Isabella LOCATELLI (Rugby Colorno, 36 caps)
6 Francesca SGORBINI (ASM Romagnat, 16 caps)
5 Giordana DUCA (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 33 caps)
4 Valeria FEDRIGHI (Stade Toulousain, 38 caps)
3 Lucia GAI (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 85 caps)
2 Melissa BETTONI (Stade Rennais, 75 caps)
1 Silvia TURANI (Exeter Chiefs Women, 23 caps)

16 Vittoria VECCHINI (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 13 caps)
17 Gaia MARIS (Wasps, 14 caps)
18 Sara SEYE (Transvecta Rugby Calvisano, 11 caps)
19 Michela MERLO (Rugby Colorno, 11 caps)
20 Beatrice VERONESE (Valsugana Rugby Padova, 15 caps)
21 Sara BARATTIN (Arredissima Villorba Rugby, 110 caps)
22 Alyssa D’INCA ‘(Arredissima Villorba Rugby, 12 caps)
23 Manuela FURLAN (Arredissima Villorba Rugby, 88 caps)

5.24 France also passed the round as second, beating Fiji and South Africa and losing to England. The transalpines have the semi-final as their minimum objective.

5.21 No senior national team has ever reached the quarterfinals of a World Cup, neither male nor female: Andrea di Giandomenico’s team has accomplished a real feat.

5.18 The blues qualified for the quarter-finals as second in the group, having beaten the United States and Japan and coming behind Canada.

5.15 Hello to all sports fans and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Italy-France, quarter-finals of the 2022 Women’s Rugby World Cup.

The presentation of Italy-France

Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the match between Italy and France, quarter-finals of the 2022 Women’s Rugby World Cup. At the Northland Events Center in Whangarei, the first of the quarter-finals of the Rugby World Cup 2022 is staged in New Zealand.

L’Italy he finds himself for the first time in front of a world playoff. The blue of Andrea di Giandomenico they face one of the big favorites for the final victory of the competition that has the minimum goal in the semifinal. In case of victory, the qualification for the 2025 World Cup will be automatic. Absence problems for Italy that must do without Sara Tounesi (disqualified) and Giada Franco (concussion).

There France, like Italy, it passed as the second in its grouping behind England. The transalpines will have to do without Laure Sansus, injured in the match against England and unable to recover quickly.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE of Italy-France, quarter-finals of the 2022 Women’s Rugby World Cup which takes place in New Zealand. Kick off at 5.30 am Italian time. Good fun!

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