the transformation of the actress in the Netflix movie

On Netflix comes “Blonde” the film about Marilyn Monroe: the actress Ana De Armas has undergone three hours of makeup every day to immerse herself in the role of the Hollywood myth (and the similarity is striking)

Decades go by, but the myth of Marilyn Monroe continues to fascinate. On September 28 it was released on Netflix Blonde, Andrew Dominik’s film about the Hollywood diva inspired by Joyce Carol Oates’ novel of the same name. To wear the shoes of Marilyn is the Cuban actress Ana De Armas. The similarity in the film is striking, but off the set the actress couldn’t be more different: how did Ana De Armas become the diva par excellence?

Ana De Armas’s transformation into “Blonde”

The film Blonde it made its debut at the Venice Film Festival at the beginning of September: at the premiere of the film the same leading actress was present, who paraded with a dress-homage to Marylin Monroe. In real life, the actress has long dark hair (just as Marilyn Monroe’s hair was dark before she dyed it platinum), big brown eyes and sweet features. To play her role, he enlisted an exceptional team: the costume designer Jennifer Johnsonwho recreated some garments inspired by vintage photos, the hair stylist Jaime Leigh McIntosh and the make up artist Tina Roesler Kerwin.

Ana De Armas in a scene from Blonde

Ana De Armas in a scene from Blonde

Three hours of makeup before shooting

Each day of shooting required at least three hours to make up: the actress didn’t have to dye her hair because she used some wigs for the shoot, artfully styled by McIntosh. However, make-up artist Kerwin bleached and thinned the actress’s natural eyebrows and applied false eyelashes to match the shape of the actress’s eyes to Monroe’s.

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Ana De Armas off the set

Ana De Armas off the set

It seems, among other things, that the diva drew the shadow of the eyelashes on the lower eyelid with a pencil, in order to maximize the “doe eyes” effect. The biggest challenge, Kerwin explains in an interview with WWD, was finding lipsticks that worked in both black and white and color shots. But to apply them, in the end, it was always Ana De Armas: making up her lips was the last thing she did herself, before shooting the scenes.

Ana De Armas in a scene from Blonde

Ana De Armas in a scene from Blonde

Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dresses in the Blonde movie

In total there were a hundred different looks, because the film covers a very long period of time, in which the actress’s face and hair had to change and adapt to the different phases of the protagonist’s life. Not to mention her dresses: in the film both the iconic pleated white dress (which is lifted up with a breath of air) and the long pink dress with which Marilyn sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friends” appear in the film. Both original looks bear the costume designer’s signature William Travilla and have been rebuilt from scratch. If the critics confirm first impressions, the Oscars for make-up and costumes could be on hand for Blonde.

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