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In full revival of the 2000s bare belly comes back accompanied by low-waisted trousers. Fashion has decided and we try … The absolute progenitor of this trend is the crop top and micro skirt look created by Miu Miu (left), which went viral and worn by all the celebs and influencers on the planet, from Hailey Bieber to Nicole Kidman, from Chiara Ferragni to Emily Ratajkowski. The invasion even arrives on TikTok where there are countless video tutorials to recreate the same outfit at home, wear it and get like on like.


But other brands agree with the trend, from Blumarine to Versace, from MSGM to Etro. And who are we to back down? It’s time to get out of the comfort zone, get your belly out and get back into those low-waisted jeans stored in the closet since Baby one more time, evoking the icons that made it famous. Above all: Britney Spears, absolute queen of the displayed navel. Or the unforgettable Keira Knightley at the world premiere of the first film in the i series Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the First Moon: crotch jeans on a micro top that showed a very dry abdomen. A strong look that caused a sensation. It was 2003. Without forgetting Paris Hilton, Shakira, Gwen Stefani.

britney spears

Britney Spears (1999)

L. Busacca

paris hilton

Paris Hilton (2002)

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Today, like yesterday, we have to get back in shape, leave the house and show a few more inches of skin. But chow to get the much desired flat stomach? Thanks to a mix of factors, nutrition and training at the top of the list, as fitness coach Sonia Ascione explains: «First of all I recommend reducing sugar and refined grains in order to avoid glycemic spikes. But without ever skipping meals, otherwise you risk lazy metabolism. Anticipating dinner is also a great trick. They must then be combined with these indications bodyweight workouts which promote the reduction of abdominal fat. Among the most effective activities is the plank, a functional static exercise that is done with support on the toes and elbows aligned with the shoulders while holding the position. The more you resist, the better. Another inevitable is the abdominal crunch to be done lying on your back with your hands behind your head and legs bent, making sure that the lumbar area adheres well to the floor. As you exhale, you raise yourself 30-40 degrees by squeezing your buttocks. Then there is a simple exercise that can be done standing or sitting while working: the abdominal press. It consists in sucking the navel towards the spine trying to thin the waist as much as possible by throwing out the air with each contraction ».


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Treatments for a flat stomach

In this period even in the institute I am right the flat stomach cares to be the masters. At the last Cosmoprof, for example, Endosphères presented Evolution, a treatment that focuses above all on the stomach by acting on multiple levels and stimulating cell regeneration thanks to five synergistic actions (analgesic, draining, vascular, remodeling, muscle). «The new device aims to treat abdominal fat with an innovative and effective system. The handpiece is in fact equipped with three specific rollers for each phase of the treatment cycle », says Gianluca Cavalletti, CEO of the Fenix ​​Group.

gwen stefani

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Faced with this revival that puts a bit of performance anxiety, we remind you that the best weapon for every test – including the crop top – remains the love for your body. Self confidence is power. Good summer.


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keira knightley

Keira Knightley (2003)

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Products for a toned tummy

vinosculpt concentré minceur by caudalie

Reducing concentrate for difficult areas: Vinosculpt Concentré Minceur by Caudalie (26.90 euros, at the pharmacy).


slim design bellyzone rebels by elancyl

Slimming gel with tensor effect: Slim Design Belly / Rebel Zones by Elancyl (32 euros, at the pharmacy).


biopoint slimming anti-cellulite body cream

Stimulates fat metabolism and reduces fat deposits: Biopoint Slimming Anti-Cellulite Body Cream (€ 18.90).



With a mix of toning and remodeling active ingredients: Euphidra Slimming Bodysculpt Cream (34.90 euros, at the pharmacy). Buy now



A detail of the new Evolution by Endosphères, a compressive micro-vibration treatment to reshape the body, including the belly (


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