the trendy fringe to adopt this fall if you are a fan of low maintenance

This back-to-school season has exploded with tempting hair solutions that you absolutely must try. After the different ideas for coloring and hot haircuts, today, we turn our heads towards another star hair element – ​​the bangs. Among its many modern versions, which one should you adopt this fall 2023? The Birkin Bangs, of course! If you haven’t yet fallen under his crazy charm, that’s why you should do so immediately!

Looking for inspiration for trendy bangs for 2023? The Birkin Bangs is what you need!

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Birkin Bangs: one of the key hair trends in 2023

Not long ago, the most common hair dilemma was bottleneck bangs vs curtain bangs. But currently, a third favorite is taking over the fashion scene, inviting us to adopt it without delay! Are you among the fashionistas who want to always be on the lookout for trends? So here’s what you need to know about the Birkin Bangs.

Fall under the spell of these famous bangs that were all the rage during the 60s

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The Jane Birkin fringe: a short story

During the 1960s, there was no social media. However, that doesn’t mean the world lacked fashion inspiration! On the contrary, this period was strongly marked by the presence of the style icon, Jane Birkin. In addition to her enviable taste in clothing, the Franco-British star popularized this type of fringe which proudly bears her name. What is the charm of Birkin bangs? Originally, this fringe was cut slightly above the eyebrows. It was reminiscent of straight bangs, but its ends were sparser and it played with texture and dimension. Basically, pointed corners are the distinctive feature of Jane Birkin’s bangs, a timeless hair trend for an impeccable and effortless chic look!

Perfect bangs to display an effortless chic look

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Birkin Bangs: the current hair definition

As mentioned above, the Birkin fringe is distinguished by its pointed corners which blend the shapes of the face without appearing too heavy. It is somewhat similar to straight bangs but looks softer and fragmented.

As with every trend that makes a comeback, this one also experiences certain revisions and adaptations to current tastes. As for Birkin Bangs, concretely, their modern version is characterized by a more scattered effect. Currently, the Birkin fringe is slightly longer than in its initial version. It is done in a way that naturally flatters the specific morphology of each face.

The Birkin bangs have already been adopted by many stars

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Why do we love it?

Undeniably, this type of fringe is reliving its glory days because it has been adopted by many contemporary stars. We see it, for example, in a modernized version on Lily Collins, the star of Emily in Paris. Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega is also one of the celebrities inspiring us to adopt this effortless chic hair look.

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As a result, the Birkin fringe has established itself over time as a timeless trend because of its many advantages. Above all, it allows us to display a distinguished look without having to opt for too strict and pronounced bangs. In addition to highlighting its uniqueness, Birkin bangs are quite easy to maintain and style. The added bonus: it flatters almost any body shape!

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One of the greatest assets of this type of bangs is its super easy maintenance and styling. Usually, after washing the hair with a moisturizing product, all that remains is to dry the bangs. To do this, point the hair dryer nozzle downwards. To give the bangs a tousled effect, you can use a brush. With it, dry the hair first on one side of the face, and then on the other. This way the bangs appear more voluminous and messy.

In terms of maintenance, you can schedule a regular visit approximately every 4 weeks (more or less depending on the rate of hair growth. So, once you get tired of bangs, you can make the transition without worry because it type of bangs grow easily, blending naturally with the rest of the hair.

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