The trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is also on Un Giorno in the Magistrate’s Court

One Day in the Magistrate’s Court he left in September with a sadly famous case, that of the murder of Willy Monteiro Duarte in Colleferro, in 2020, killed while trying to defend a friend involved in a fight. But the creator and presenter of the historic Rai3 program also has in mind an excursion abroad with a process that has occupied the pages of newspapers and discussions on social media for weeks.

Roberta Petrelluzzi spoke about the new edition of One Day in the Magistrate’s Court to TvTalk Saturday 1 October, just before the broadcast of the episode broadcast at 11.40pm on Rai 3 and dedicated to the trial for murder of the priest Vincenzo Piccoli. The journalist, commenting on the recent Netflix docuseries on the Wanna Marchi phenomenon, to which she in turn had dedicated eight episodes at the time of the trial, explained that she wanted to expand the story also to facts that are not strictly Italian news.

Because of this One Day in the Magistrate’s Court could soon deal with the most media trial of recent years, the one that saw the actors and ex-spouses Johnny Depp and Amber Heard opposed, who saw the latter convicted of defamation for accusing her husband of domestic violence. The long face-to-face between the two in the courtroom, in Virginia, was broadcast in live streaming and will soon be the subject of, as well as a docuseries, even a film, entitled Hot take: The Depp / Heard trialwhich will debut on the streaming service Pipesfree in the USA.

One Day in the Magistrate’s Court he had already crossed national borders in dealing with the trial for the death of George Floydbut this time he intends to do it for a story that “smore than gossip, maybe it’s a bit lighter, even if terrible things have happened there too”Explained Petrelluzzi during the guest at TvTalk. It is unclear when the Depp / Heard trial will air at One Day in the Magistrate’s Courtbut on the other hand, the new season has just begun.

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