The Trick to Avoid Blowing in a Breathalyzer Test That Could Cost You

Fortunately, statistics show that fewer and fewer drivers are penalized for consuming drink driving, In parallel, other crimes increase, such as the consumption of Drugs Wave paceindicating a change in behavior.

In the event of being detained under a breathalyzer control, myth which indicates the possibility of Downfall to blow

refuse to fly

It should be known that in this case we are going to apply maximum penalty for the trachea, since this behavior is typical penal Code As a Crime punished with a sentence of between six months and one year the prisonTo which the return of the license should be added for between one and four years.

Refusing to blow is worse than blowing and testing positive

Whereas if we blow and come positive in the middle of the test 0.25 and 0.50 mg/l Expired air will be fined 500 euro and four card points, ascending 1,000 Euro And six points in case of giving expired air above 0.51 mg/l.

asthma myths

For some time now there has been a myth that you cannot blow while asthmatic, It should be noted that if we have medical certificate It proves that we are asthmatics, it is true that we are not obliged to blow, although it is quite possible that the policeman will take us to the hospital Medical Center to verify our blood alcohol level through a blood test.

In this case, it is very likely that the clearance will be equivalent or even higher, because accuracy That this method is far superior.

In case of testing positive, it is advised to display a thorough attitude

in the matter of refuse to fly suspected unknown cause of asthma or simply let’s pretend In order not to blow loudly for the required seconds, it shall be considered refuse to flypunishable with minimum fine four months in jailto which withdrawals should be added six point of card

two offenses of not blowing

In this case we will talk two crimeswhich means we will add one year penalty the prison to refuse to blow and even six months Jail for driving under the influence of alcohol in case of a positive blood test.

It should be remembered that the Analysis A blood test is much more accurate than a breath alcohol test and it takes longer for alcohol to go down in the breath. Blood Compared to the air in our lungs.

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