the true story behind the film with Julia Roberts

Wonder is the true story starring Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson

Wonder is a wonderful film that touches the deepest strings of the heart. Released in theaters in 2017, Wonder is a film directed by Stephen Chbosky, starring Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. Film adaptation of the novel of the same name written by RJ Palacio, it was the American writer who revealed that the story told is the result of a particular episode that happened to her and her little child.

Wonder: the true story of the film

The writer said that one day, while she was waiting in line at an ice cream shop, her son burst into tears after meeting the gaze of a girl with a facial deformity. Her desperation forced the woman to leave the room immediately, a gesture that made her feel ashamed as she was unable to manage the situation and explain to her son what was happening and make him calm down. The protagonist of Wonder so – the child with Treacher Collins and a facial deformation – is none other than the cinematographic transposition of the little girl with her own problem, who tries to face her life as a child in a world that points to him as a monster. In fact, the ways in which he himself, his family and society live this condition face each other in the film. The facial deformation that is analyzed in the film by Chbosky it is due to the Treacher Collins syndrome, from the doctor who in 1900 described its features for the first time. The syndrome is a congenital disease caused by developmental abnormalities of the facial limbs. The disease is characterized by the lack of development of the bones of the face, cheekbones and jaws, accompanied by abnormalities in the formation of the ears and eyelids. Unfortunately, there is no real cure for this syndrome. Instead, the focus is on treating the symptoms presented by the patient, to prevent or postpone complications.

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